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Splitting "Oracles on the Delphi Express" and "The Church and The Dime" onto different sides is the only downside to The Dear Hunter's Act II on vinyl.

There isn't really a better option, though, except to put those two on their own side, since "The Death and the Berth"/"The Procession"/"The Lake and the River" all flow together perfectly too. It just happens that Oracles building into Church's opening is my favorite part of the album.


in which I make TDH's Act II a triple LP 

A: Death/Procession/LATR (The Boy leaves his home)
B: Oracles/Church (The Boy travels to The City)
C: Bitter Suite I&II, III (he meets Ms Leading)
D: Smiling Swine/Evicted/Where the Road Parts (in which The Boy is smitten)
E: Red Hands/Where the Road Parts/Dear Ms Leading (in which The Boy becomes a jealous asshole)
F: Black Sandy Beaches/Vital Vessels Vindicate/Camera* (denouement)

* 馃槇

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