Listening to CHVRCHES' "Love Is Dead" for the first time in a while, and I think that while I never disliked it, the style is such that after a few songs I kinda get tired of the relatively-high-pitched synth+voice combo? Each song is pretty good (especially whichever starts side B I think) but after a while... I dunno.

That said, the version of the album I have is from their PledgeMusic where they made a grid of blank LP outer sleeves and spray painted the album cover over all of them, so it's definitely the most unique album I own (mine is mostly blue with a triangle of black jutting in)

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@dconley I agree but also kind of appreciate it for that as a work music album. Easy to just sort of.. Leave going. More like background music than music music. Which isn't a compelling argument for it as an album but it's nice for working to in that way

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