End of day 1 of the hackathon.

Our Werewolf app is really coming together! The front end can’t quite handle voting yet and the back end doesn’t know what to do after the first day. But much of the hard work was getting to that point.

Plus, now I have experience with WebSockets and even more with goroutines/channels.


At the end we had MADE A WEREWOLF APP. I’m so proud of it, and us!

It has wolf, cultist, villager, seer and hunter. I’ll probably add sorcerer later today, and then on to martyr, perhaps.

We came in 8th place or below (didn’t get a prize) which I was lowkey very fucking pissed about last night. But other people not appreciating it as much as I thought we deserved (I don’t care much about the prize) is something I’ve gotten over. (Mostly, if I’m being honest)

Today I fixed a server crash bug and added reconnects if you lock your phone, close the tab, etc.

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