I had the idea a bit ago to make an version of And I still think it’s a good idea, and would fill a need in the fediverse.

But the more I think about it the more I realize that any solution pretty much *has* to implement the AudioScrobbler protocol, including its oauth1 authentication.

Which already does. So maybe I should start there? But gods DAMN I do not want to deal with that api.

Maybe... if I had Spotify integration that would be enough? You could probably write a plug-in for Plex and stuff like that? In This Day And Age that might be enough...

@dconley hey, I was thinking about this too. It would be great to get a few people together to try and reboot or fork the project. I have a feeling they started working on AP support before it got abandoned

@neonpaul the problem is that I was never able to get running locally. So that would be easiest (though it’d mean not using like I had hoped), but I can’t even start.

@dconley oh that's a problem then, I hadn't tried it yet or really had a look at the codebase. Maybe it would be easier to start afresh in that case

@dconley I had thought about something along those lines a while back. not necessarily with AP, but like having a distributed or federated aproach to some of these techniques, including(what librefm never implemented afaik) events.

@dconley That would be much fancy! Last.FM scrobbler has a good API. so maybe that could work somehow to post Spotify usage to Mastodon.

@tobi welllll, I first looked into this because I hate's API. So that's my bias :)

It'd be relatively trivial to have a Spotify/lfm-to-masto "bot". I know people have done it. I was thinking more of a Pixelfed like thing where scrobbles are ActivityPub Objects. And you could follow it from masto, etc, like, reply ("comment"), etc.

@dconley Yeah but then you need a Spotify-Integration.. Well, Spotify also has an "open" API, but may be harder to do. Still, I'd fancy it much to have such a thing!

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