when I joined Mastodon:
someone: *posts DoctorDoomTootsAsHePleases.jpeg*
masto old timers: this image again huh
me: this is hilarious! what are you talking about?

someone: *posts DoctorDoomTootsAsHePleases.jpeg*
me: this image again huh

(which is not a bad thing! it's just funny how it definitely crops up predictably when there's an influx)


I'm not sure which wave I joined in. It was after the French, but before the Japanese.

I don't remember any reason, really. Maybe it was one of the trans waves? It was like the same day @tessaracht joined.

I saw references to it on birdsite and thought "I'll sign up but I bet nobody uses it so I'll forget about it in a week". That was over a year and a half ago.

@dconley ha! yeah, we def joined right at the same time. same wave for sure. good times. 😄

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