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Inspired by @citrustwee's toot I made a thing that will generate Minesweeper using Discord spoilers. 9x9, 10 bombs.

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OH: the electoral college had been fine for a very long time. Its only recently...

- somebody who does not understand US History

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the most cyberpunk thing around today is the stupid paperwork joke gag that went from "Sex: yes, please" to "Gender: no thanks"

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Holy hell, Spotify with ads is unusable. After the 4th or 5th one in a row started I just quit the app. I've got my music library on Plex; I'm good.

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My daughter has been playing Mario Kart on the 2DS and apparently is pretty good because every few minutes she does this combination dance/fist pump thats fucking adorable.

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please select your JavaScript gender

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Always fun to see Undertale references I left on the company wiki.

"Oh yeah! There's that picture of sans I linked to."

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When I was in elementary school our teacher told us to pick our favorite ocean mammal

I picked the blue whale, because I had recently learned it was the largest thing that ever lived, and that seemed cool

Then she told us we would be drawing our chosen animals

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Then snake, then owl, each hopping or flapping or whatever as necessary, eating the previous kid before something comes along and eats them.

I ask for another volunteer, and everyone is raising their hand. I choose an older kid, he walks up. Youre a mushroom.

The look he gave me, I swear to god.

Im not a science teacher but this was a lot of fun and I feel like they learned stuff, or at least it reinforced what they had already learned. Which felt pretty good.

Tonight was my Packs first meeting, so I had us do one of the STEM Nova awards, Nova Wild. Its about wildlife, invasive species, etc.

I brought up the food chain, asked what it was, then asked for a volunteer. No info provided. My son raised his hand, because hes my son, and I chose him because I figured he could roll with this.

Okay, youre grass.

He figured out how to roleplay as fucking grass pretty quickly. I asked for another volunteer. He was a grasshopper. The next was a frog.

So, Im a Cubmaster. Of a Cub Scout Pack. Were okay with gay people now! And trans kids! Which obviously ymmv and as a whole the BSA is still fairly conservative (you can be any religion but you have to be *a* religion, which I sort of mumble through), but I feel like I have to combat the image of the BSA as regressive anti-gay Christians.

And theres a pretty good optional STEM program. Im the STEM chair of my district, because of course I am.

Listen, if you make an email address for your baby, I'm GOING to ask to add them to my professional network on LinkedIn.

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