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Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.76
Comment: keybase.io/crypto


me @ javascript: media.giphy.com/media/l1J9u3TZ

(image: a kid waving a hairbrush and looking angry)

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If a service dog approaches you by itself, it's trying to get you to follow it. I didn't know that until today but now I do!

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sometimes javascript is so bad that the problem can be illustrated with a simple stackoverflow question stackoverflow.com/questions/67

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happy fathers day if your dad sucks i'm your dad now. i'm so proud of you

(I really need to shave but my old picture is like two years old at this point)

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I think I hate all bots (including my own) except for @TShirtsBot

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Its very loud here but I think I just heard @mattgen88 say */ftp/roastbeef

I assume it wasnt that


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To All Dads: If your child ever comes out and tells you theyre trans and you reply without missing a beat, Hi trans Im Dad, I will immediately crown you King Dad forevermore.

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Like #ActivityPub? Program in #golang? I just released v0.1.1 of go-fed/activity -- please take a gander! Now with CHANGELOG and CONTRIBUTING files!

If already developing with this library, I strongly suggest upgrading from v0.1.0. Tons of improvements!


(Since my previous account & instance got surprise-nuked, I cannot understate how greatly I appreciate any/all boosts to this toot's visibility.)

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@amphetamine @jk @kit oh now I understand blockchain

it's just that one weird Peter Molyneux game about mining a block until one player gets to the center and gets a prize and o my god Molyneux is Satoshi

Is MySQL 5.7 a reasonable expectation for software that uses MySQL? I want it to be usable out of the box but I also wanted a virtual column so I could do this mysqlserverteam.com/storing-uu

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:hacker_l: et's
:hacker_g: et down to
:hacker_b: usiness
:hacker_t: o defeat the huns

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I actually really needed this, thanks phone

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hi if you're a parent in the EU and do the Santa thing you're now legally obligated to leave a letter about updating Santa's privacy policy in your kids stocking this year.