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I made a private leaderboard for mastofolx, iffn that’s something people would be into.

Join code is 219-6a2b7fcb

Open to everybody, but send me an @ if you join!

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Inspired by @citrustwee's toot I made a thing that will generate Minesweeper using Discord spoilers. 9x9, 10 bombs.

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Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.76


"Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"

- Jesus, espousing domain-driven design

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I know a few of you might need to hear this on occasion so just putting it out there: that mental health thing? That chronic health thing? The one you think disqualifies you from or makes you unworthy of being loved?

It doesn't. You deserve to be loved and appreciated.

My kids are playing Monopoly over video chat with their grandmother and cousins. Three different boards, and ours is Christmas themed so all the spaces and values are different.

It would be SO frustrating if I was involved but I shut them in the dining room and waltzed away.

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Animal Crossing 

I'm going to start unironically thanking people that are working vital infrastructure, including deliveries and food-related services, for their service as if they were combat veterans. Because let's face it. They're the ones keeping shit together right now.

My gender is the way Travis McElroy says “Gary” when playing Gary the Gargoyle

I do not understand what this means, either

the boys are back in town, but they are under voluntary quarantine for the next 14 days

Is there a self-hosted Twitch type service? Not even for “get away from amazon” reasons (though that’s be nice), but I suspect they’ll be getting a *lot* more traffic in the coming weeks.

death, not recent or anyone you know 

In addition to universal basic income this has made clear we also need universal bidet installation

This just in, The Game has been cancelled due to current health risks. Thank you to everyone who has been playing all these years.

How does sending emails on Mastodon work? I took a brief peek into the code and it looked like Ruby can just send emails like PHP? Or does it use something like Mandrill?

I'd like for ' solution to not require "sign up for all these external services", but also if it's just a rando smtp method/server it will get blocked for having a low reputation score, won't it?

if we had simply called it ass tissue instead we would not be having the shortages we currently are

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