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I made a private leaderboard for mastofolx, iffn that’s something people would be into.

Join code is 219-6a2b7fcb

Open to everybody, but send me an @ if you join!

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Inspired by @citrustwee's toot I made a thing that will generate Minesweeper using Discord spoilers. 9x9, 10 bombs.

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Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.76


Just updated my “Alexa, good night” routine so it replies “later, skater”

“One or more of your domains will renew soon”, says the registrar I haven’t used in a decade

Also hi I hope everybody has been staying safe

lookin at you, Texans

is it a subtoot if it’s at yourself 

There are two classes of people:

1. People I don’t know well enough to air my personal problems to

2. People I know too well to air my personal problems to

I missed Honorary Astronaut’s EP the first time it came out, but the pink vinyl is back in stock.

But... it’s $20 for a five song EP. With $13 shipping. I can’t spend $33 on an EP. And I feel bad about that! Which is a silly feeling.

SB Nation's Chart Party series is basically 90% of what I do or would like about sports

programming, firearms 

I guess it stands for "green unicorn" but damn if the gunicorn package doesn't make me think of a horse with a Glock duct taped to its head

tech, problematic language 

My manager just moved all our repos from "master" to "main" 🎉

"I've started carrying a pen and notebook every day but haven't written in it at all! I wonder why."

- me, who no longer goes anywhere or does anything or sees anybody

"Magical mushrooms or fungus that feeds off magic like the nuclear reactor shrooms" was the full note, for posterity.

I think I stole that from the latest Adventure Zone?

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Mixed in amongst my notes on a tech book was a thought I had for a D&D campaign. So the previews were

"Continuous integration is when code..."

"Magical mushrooms or fungus that f..."

"Standups only work if everyone is w..."

and I was confused as *hell* for a second

Why couldn’t the sailor say the alphabet?

He kept getting lost at c


“ho ho ho Dan, I have a little snack for you” my daughter says, walking into my office with a santa hat and bag. she reaches in and pulls out a container. it has some shredded mozzarella in it.

Quarantine parenting hardships: your kids losing teeth. Who the hell has cash for the Tooth Fairy in this day and age!

want to spend $60 on the cyberpunk genre without giving it to a game that will either kill you on the inside or just literally kill you?

some folks over at put together a cool bundle of games that directly support queer & poc indie devs!

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