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I made a private leaderboard for mastofolx, iffn that’s something people would be into.

Join code is 219-6a2b7fcb

Open to everybody, but send me an @ if you join!

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Inspired by @citrustwee's toot I made a thing that will generate Minesweeper using Discord spoilers. 9x9, 10 bombs.

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Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.76


@janellecshane “I am mean to algorithms” would be a good title for your second book

PSA: can confirm alt text is *helpful* not just for folks using screen readers, but also for folks who 1) are from different cultures and didn't get what's so funny and/or 2) haven't been up to date on the memes.

Even just an "This is a photo of X" can be seriously helpful, because it tells you that "X" is what you want to look up on Duck Duck Go.

jjba 1.11 

I haven’t been this confused about the tooting topic du jour since oats

you know you can call a cat by saying pspsps but did you know you can get a lot more details if you say pspsps aux

Happy MLK Jr. Day! This is a man whose legacy and words have been coopted and obscured to make him seem less radical than he was. Please treat this thread as a place to educate me (and others raised in public schools) by posting resources in the replies

My job lets us release whenever we want and also name our own releases, which is how “Scheduled Release: Vriska Did Nothing Wrong” is building now.

"Bugfixes and improvements" is the "Thoughts and prayers" of the app development community.

Don't @ me

Disclaimer: I’ve only read the first book, and watched six episodes of JoJo. But... deep mythology? Pervasive inner monologues? Fights to restore familial honor? Giant beasts?

That shit’s an anime.

I considered pixelfed because, yknow, federated! But I’m looking for google photos and not instagram.

Is Piwigo the best self-hosted image platform? I’d like to use it for family vacation photos where non-tech grandparents can upload as well.

Is there already an ActivityPub implementation of a GoodReads analogue? If not, uh, dibs maybe?

“Wasting swsh again in margaritaville
Searching for my lost shaker of salt
Some people may say
there’s a woman to blame
But I know
It’s my own damn fault.”

Here we see jimmy buffet embracing his homosexuality and dealing with its repercussions. In this paper I will

eye contact, big dad energy 

popular abuser from the 60s/70s 

popular abuser from the 60s/70s 

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