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I made a private leaderboard for mastofolx, iffn that’s something people would be into.

Join code is 219-6a2b7fcb

Open to everybody, but send me an @ if you join!

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Inspired by @citrustwee's toot I made a thing that will generate Minesweeper using Discord spoilers. 9x9, 10 bombs.

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Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.76


D&D, mention of fantasy violence against an animal 

error CS4008: Cannot await 'void'

fucking watch me, dotnet

I semi-frequently reflect on what I consider is a relatively "boring" life, as I got married and had kids young.

And then less frequently I remember that I've

* been on a panel at the American Library Association national conference

* won an American Advertising Award

* owned a brewery

and I guess I do kinda get around, huh?

@cj as the go fed issues show, I am back on my bullshit 😂

(But we’re very very close to having federated goodreads! I just have to keep chugging away at the database code. The new example on the site has been very helpful.)

masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

Pretend I'm good at this website.

(if you search for the user you can see the hourglass: clicking it cancels the request)

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I assume there isn't a way to see the people you've sent follow requests to, because of harassment concerns?

I'd like to be able to cancel a request if possible, so I can re-send it, but just for testing purposes because I'm also the receiver of the request and my app probably isn't going to handle requests right the first time. So I assume the answer is "git gud lol".

update: the commit that adds webfinger support is building 🤞

How does Masotodon send its registration emails?

Back to working on our project and I'd like to send registration emails. Does it just use sendmail?

Me, as a NPC in our first scene: I need you go to this area and pose as a merchant

My son’s character: I don’t want to

Who told this kid about Conrad’s “refusal of the call”?

doctors (-) 


I have a zoom scout meeting in an hour and a half and it will be fine, and also it’s an hour and a half away, but damn if my brain isn’t telling me the world is ending now because I haven’t made dinner yet.

I’ve been on Mastodon for over three years. I think I made my .social on 2017-04-04.

I still miss many people on birdsite but from day one I never missed the site itself. I don’t talk to a bunch of people, especially local ones, but I’ve met all of you! And that’s how I got through the network effect. I got a new network.

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