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Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.76
Comment: keybase.io/crypto


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is it true that MJ recorded a short version of Billie Jean called Billie Jort

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Honestly I don't like how google's reCaptcha v2 makes you check "I'm not a robot". It doesn't matter if it's true, I just don't like being reminded :robot_3:

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Listening to The Crane Wife in order is an abrupt switch when you go from 2 to 3.

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in tmux you can "zoom" in a pane with <prefix> z

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the federated TL, it's... just so fast

It'd be nice to be able to exclude toots in one column from another. So my local TL would be only people on cybre.space I don't follow, and my federated TL would be only accounts that I don't follow.

You'd have to do some weird "left to right" prioritization, though.

wait HOLD UP I can pin the local TL (or federated but lolno) and have detailed info about a toot open in a *fourth* column?

this... changes everything

aaaand I have more scrobbles in 2018 than I had in 2017

of course, this is helped somewhat by being so invested in scrobbling that I wrote a command line tool to let me record what I listen to that isn't through an "officially supported" app

I just realized the same theme in "The State Vs Thomas Light" is how "Here Comes The Arm" ends.

The Protomen's "Act II: The Father of Death" is so fucking good.

Went to the local co-op and picked up some free trade coffee, sourdough bagels from the local worker cooperative and some oranges that I'm going to use in a cocktail later while I listen to The Arctic Monkeys on vinyl

in case you were wondering if I was *fucking insufferable* or not

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this is the worst harry potter book

We played Tee KO tonight and I made all of my pictures/slogans Homestuck related and none of my slogans got picked and only two pictures (a spider and Bec Noir) and thats discrimination anyway thanks for coming to my TED talk

We should do the Joco Cruise, because it has all the McElroys. ALL OF THEM.
Its a cruise, so yes!
*looks at website*
The cheapest cabin available iiiis... over five thousand dollars

a story of how I am not going to see the McElroys and TMBG

Theres a church nearby with a sign that says god loves you, no exceptions, but you should probably wrap it in a try/catch block just to be safe.

I came from doing the shoreline sweep, cleaning up garbage along woods/waterways, so Im rocking some muddy-ass boots.

This ping brought to you by Record Store Day

(Which is actually organized well: the store is kinda tiny so theyre letting in groups of people, and theres live music outside)

I legitimately like waiting in lines. Its weird, or at least I think it is. I like when things are an *experience*.