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This looks cybre as fuuuuck and I wish I had known about this when the campaign was going on kickstarter.com/projects/flash

Watching Waypoint's XCOM 2 videos. They have a soldier named Alexei. My Echo is very confused.

And then another (masto-less) coworker shared "the 500 mile email" ibiblio.org/harris/500milemail

"radioactive cattle flipping bits" is my favorite circa survive song, btw

I somehow had never heard of "radioactive cattle flipping bits" until @mattgen88 shared it in our work chat jakepoz.com/debugging-behind-t

LB oh I thought those both said "tired"


I am very tired

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github.com/Sigafoos/advent/blo is the code. First time using goroutines but I think Day 15 was the perfect fit (especially part 2).

Wow only took 48 seconds that way!

Go: tell your friends.

Update: checked in and realized I had swapped the order of parameters like a doofus. So if it WOULD ever end Id have gotten the wrong answer anyway.

*starts a process that will generate >10mil numbers*

*goes to bed*

Makes me feel like an action hero walking away from an explosion.

(BUT: goroutines, baby)
(BUT: running on a pi)

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Oxenfree is free atm on GoG. There should be a button on their main page to add it to your account!

(I searched and think I understand it but, minus "siri", that's how I searched for it)

siri what the fuck does bless mean in perl

You can tell work is going ~super great~ when my one on one notes start with fuck this fuck this fuck this

Heres my day 10 code (package only) in


It doesnt have the conciseness of Python (or the golfing of Perl) but I think its really nice. I enjoyed writing it, and looking at it and using it.

Have I mentioned that I really really like golang?

I might eventually shut up about but its the only programming I do for fun right now (work being a capitalist hellscape). Day 10 is creating a knot hash. Day 14 requires you use the hash, so I exported it as a package and boom its one function call.

Plus container/ring provides an intuitive way to modify a string that wraps around without needing to use modulo slices.

Did day 6 in go. I've been using Python because I'm lazy.

Puzzle: adventofcode.com/2017/day/6

Solution (includes part 2 spoiler): github.com/Sigafoos/advent/blo

It's funny how much list comprehension/etc I take for granted. I had to write a max() method!

I'd like to try day 6 in Python and compare the time difference, though. 0.5 seconds in go as it is.

heck YEAH I fit it all into a cybre toot (are they still toots?)

I'm not one for code golf but I'm still pretty pleased.



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