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😮 here's another Casio PCB-replacement, this one for a calculator watch. The author reports ✨5✨ years of battery life. And it's got a heckin' ham radio built-in!

These two modded watches, one with a reverse-polarization LCD hack, in front of a GPD Pocket! This is just pornographic 😳

TYVM @rrix for the link!

🤔 The circuitry inside a Casio watch isn't too complex, maybe I could measure it and manufacture a replacement with more features.

Oops somebody already did it! Way better than I would have!

The "Pluto" watch, which re-purposes the case and LCD from a Casio F91-W, includes a compass, infrared programming, RTTTL ringtone (musical) alarms, generates RFC 6238 one-time passwords, open source, and runs for a year on a standard watch battery! Wow!! 😮

more cybrepnuk than Pebble imho

"I was going for a battered mining spaceship look a la red dwarf tv series, but the missus just reckons it looks like some horrible teeth." 😂

At 128x64 pixels, this tiny OLED should be able to display the entire letter layout for the Mitosis (10 columns x 3 rows) as well as various other active layer info

But it's gonna be at least 2 weeks before I have time to tinker with it 😭

What these split ergonomic wireless designed-for-manufacturing need are more beeps boops and blinkenlights

I said "there's a lot of those on Youtube now" but the one I linked to was uploaded 8 years ago

insert slowpoke meme here

the cake is a lie y'all

Looking at my reflection after lifting:

Do I really look better in subtle ways that I can't quantify? Or do I look exactly the same, but simply feel better about myself?

I'll probably never know. It probably doesn't matter; the effect is positive regardless. I'll take it.

Remember the scene in Doctor Strange where The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) blows Strange's mind away by introducing him to the astral plane?

The music video for Orbital-The Box was my first exposure ever to electronic music 22 years ago and similarly blew my mind away. Who stars in it? TIL: Tilda Swinton.

Recently learned:

The Crüxshadows are still around, and released an album as recently as last year :not_bad:

DJ Gammer got signed to Monstercat, and sounds a lot different than he used to

VNV Nation is releasing a new album this year

There's a heck of a lot of VHS-quality MTV AMP videos on Youtube now. This was the 1am electronic music show that rescued me from the scourge of grunge guitars in high school. So '90s

this software takes a 3d .stl model like the kind 3d printer software uses, and instead of layers of plastic, generates a 2d pattern that can be laser-cut from paper and folded into that shape

this is relevant to my interests

$ python3
>>> emojo = lambda font, s: ' '.join(f':{font}_{c}:' for c in s)
>>> widen = lambda s: emojo("wide", s)
>>> hackerify = lambda s: emojo("hacker", s)
>>> print(widen("datagrok"))
:wide_d: :wide_a: :wide_t: :wide_a: :wide_g: :wide_r: :wide_o: :wide_k:
>>> print(hackerify("datagrok"))
:hacker_d: :hacker_a: :hacker_t: :hacker_a: :hacker_g: :hacker_r: :hacker_o: :hacker_k:

(inspired by @sl2c's ghci version

TIL the "Fourier" 40% split row-staggered . $20 for a kit of PCBs+passives (bring your own switches, caps, cables, pro micros)

If you like the form of the Mistel Barocco or the Kinesis Freestyle Edge but want fully programmable DIY

How to unpack an unencrypted .ab android backup file created with "adb backup": drop the first 24 bytes, deflate the rest with zlib, feed to tar. (Or prepend a gzip header and feed to tar with -z)

$ dd if=my_backup.ab bs=24 skip=1 | zlib-flate -uncompress | tar xv

$ {
printf "\x1f\x8b\x08\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00"
tail -c+25 my_backup.ab
} | tar xz

(Result: "Oh. My photos aren't in this. I guess I have to backup files separately. Good thing I didn't wipe the phone yet...")

recommended: "overnight oats"

- rolled oats
- soymilk or other nutmilk
- random fruit bits (apple, raisin, banana)
- chia seed or ground flax seed
- cinnamon

all into a small mason jar, cap, shake, and stick in the fridge overnight.

no cooking required. one dish dirtied. i'm surprised how good it comes out.

my recipe is , and if i were to use unsweetened soymilk and omit some fruit it would probably be good for my cholesterol too (hey i'm old)

i think i prefer the taste of flaxseed over chia

I want to tune to take into account the fact that keycap sets usually accommodate only dvorak and colemak alternate layouts. Can't make a Workman board with this set of alternate caps.

[No I don't; if I'm touch-typing properly I shouldn't be looking at the keys anyway]

TIL "magnetic valve" keyswitches, which use electrical induction through a ferrite core to signal a keypress, attenuated by a static magnet to block that induction when the switch is unpressed. All without electrical contacts. Wow!

Great presentation here, including how this scheme enables n-key rollover:

🤔 is my current profile pic not "legit" glitch art because it's just photo manipulation, no bit-damage or file corruption?

☝😄 doesn't matter, because that's prescriptive gate-keeping and i wouldn't condone that attitude

Beyond the updates to latest mastodon, I love the UI tweaks on the menus and buttons on! @chr @nightpool

If many websites like Slack (ugh), Trello, and LinkedIn (ugh) stopped working when you upgraded to Firefox 57 or were messing around with nightlies, try deleting webappsstore.sqlite

It fixed the problem for me.

(From )

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