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Looking for recommendations for a tech news site that

a) isn't Orange Website
b) isn't Lobsters
c) Is aware of the general toxic bias of tech, and actively works to push back on it

hey programmers (especially backend web devs), where do you go to look for jobs? I'm trying to help a freelance client recruit for a position and they're not having luck with their regular haunts

Acknowledging that people are busy and e-mail is a burden, I try to make my (business) e-mail communications fairly terse.

That means I typically won't follow up a conversation with a one-line "thank you," that sort of thing.

I often wonder how many people think this lack of politesse is more rude than it is respectful of their time.

With a little modification to @whitequark's key-printing script I now have a scannable paper backup of my GPG secret key. Pretty cool!

Their original + blog post: lab.whitequark.org/notes/2016-

Temporary location with my changes: gist.github.com/datagrok/5bfe3

Each barcode square encodes about 1.5k of data.

So if you want to sign and decrypt stuff with your GPG secret key, but you want to keep it with you as you move from computer to computer, you can put it in a "smart card." Then the computer you're using asks the card to do crypto for it, and the key never leaves the card.

One very popular implementation of "smart card" is the Yubikey 4, but they're 50 bucks on Amazon.

Today I learned you can re-purpose a $2 STM32 programmer to be a poor man's Yubikey!


I'm looking for employment again.

I'm good at Python, Git, Linux, and Django.

I have experience with CI/CD and AWS.

I'd be very excited to work for a nonprofit or to grow skills in Rust, Haskell, or embedded development.

I'm looking for part-time work but I'd consider a full time position that's flexible enough. I'm good at remote work; I cannot relocate.

To obtain a position that meets my needs I can in turn be flexible about compensation.

Available: October 1.


GPG Sync 0.2 is released! It's an open source tool to make it easier for every member of an organization to have up-to-date versions of every other members' PGP public keys.

This version looks way nicer, is more stable, and now has support for Windows.


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I'm not entirely sure yet what the use case is for several of the features keybase.io offers, but one thing I know it does well is popularize my PGP public key in a fairly trustworthy way and let me easily obtain other peoples', without having to attend a key-signing party or learn which keyservers are good.

I've recently been trying to make more use of PGP/GPG despite how painful the UI is.

So if you use it, please feel welcome to "follow" me: keybase.io/datagrok

Here's a little piece of code/art that's been on my mind for years, that I never got around to attempting. Luckily somebody else did it first and shared the source code, which I just stumbled across.

Unlife runs Conway's Game of Life backwards so you can create a start-state that eventually produces an arbitrary desired state.

Created using unlife, golly, giffer.py plugin for golly, and gimp.

Hey , what's the current best way to do stuff from a python script? (for automation purposes)

- subprocess.check_output() for full control over plumbing?
- some well-maintained native-python git library?
- other?

One day you just wake up & realize that everything you thought was recent actually happened more than a decade ago because the bulk of your daily life has been classified as "not worth committing to memory" for ten years.

The realization feels similarly shocking the next day and the day after, because this realization is also "not worth remembering", and you're not sure how many years it's been since you started noticing it daily.

That's what being 30 is like for me thus far.

"I want to hack on this but it wants a postgresql database and i don't want to mess with sudo... can't I just be like 'run a little postgres over here, as me'?"

Yup ๐Ÿ‘

export PGDATA="$PWD/pgdata"
export PGHOST="$PGDATA/sockets"

pg_ctl init

mkdir -p "$PGDATA/sockets"
echo "unix_socket_directories = 'sockets'" >> "$PGDATA/postgresql.conf"
echo "listen_addresses = ''" >> "$PGDATA/postgresql.conf"

pg_ctl start

psql # i'm in

some clients might need:

export PGDATABASE="postgres"
export PGUSER="$USER"

Massdrop x Oblotzky Oblivion SA profile keycaps on my Mitosis split wireless ergonomic #mechanicalkeyboards


(Finally, after 9 months of waiting!)