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For one brief shining moment in the 1980s-1990s, it seemed like we the people would own and control our own computing infrastructure.

That we wouldn't ever after need permission from opaque central authorities to process data, send messages, create devices, teach machines ideas. No corporations or governments could put themselves between us and the data bits in our machines. We would be free to think.

That moment is rapidly slipping into a history that feels ridiculously over-optimistic.

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TIL if you're interested in, say, WikiMedia's release engineering process, you can just go spelunking through their whole issue tracker, kanban boards, ticket backlog, and meeting notes.

This is amazing. Every organization should be this open, for-profit or not.

I've had a harder time finding my bearings when it was my *own* employer and it was my paid job to do so!

Here's a fun TIL: Because the ratio of terms in the Fibonacci sequence approaches phi, and because phi is close to the ratio of km to miles, you can approximate conversion between distances with adjacent Fibonacci numbers.

So 2 km β‰ˆ 1 mile, 3 km β‰ˆ 2 miles, 5 km β‰ˆ 3 miles, 8 km β‰ˆ 5 miles, 13 km β‰ˆ 8 miles, etc, etc

LB: I tooted that a year ago, and even back then with fewer followers and a smaller network it got tons of boosts and like 20 people took the time to reply "heck yeah me too"

I still think about that. Feels so good. Tons of us want to make high quality free software for real people, and all it would take is for this one system that holds us all back to get out of our way. I think all of tech and software would radically change.

If guaranteed minimum income and universal healthcare were a thing, I think so many of my programmer colleagues would immediately take low-income sabbaticals to write high-quality good-ui users-first free and open source software that it would inspire tedious "how was it possible?!?" medium dot com thinkpieces for years and years

I managed to squat 5x5 240lbs. in March, then fell off the wagon, on and off again, on again and stuck to it, and today I just cleared 255lb. That's more than I weigh, and more than I've ever done. Woohoo!

Still can't do a single unweighted pistol squat though, holy heck those are hard

We got Mate running! This might be the best $20 computer anyone has ever bought. 😍

Just picked up an Acer c720 from the swap meet for $20. Neat. Gonna flash it with #Coreboot and maybe bump the SSD to 128. Its not nearly as fast as my #Thinkpad but it's tiny. Like roughly the size of a pad of paper.

New Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 caps on my Mitosis

The primary reason I got these was for the contoured profile and deep spherical concavity that feels very comfortable.

Outside of that, the legends are sub-optimal for me. No available set will fit my weird workman layout; I'll probably go back to DSA on this board until I'm touch-typing faster.

In hindsight I should have purchased three packs of blank keys instead of one full set of keys with legends. Oh well.

Just applied for a job that is a great match for my skills AND non-profit AND fully remote AND adjacent to academics and scientists and educators AND I've thought about a lot AND is a very visible public good :blobsweats: πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦

I'm getting ahead of myself but holy cow if I got it I might even go so far as to mention my employer in my social media profile. I could be ... proud? Of where I work?

Okay okay I gotta tamp down my hopes or the letdown when they hire someone else will be too brutal hngggg

@jjg yes! this would be great as an activitypub-speaking bot 😁

Something remarkable that the fediverse has given me recently is _several_ links to extremely interesting and well-written self-hosted blogs, not bound up in Medium dot com fuckery. The kind of thing that Facebook and its ilk have been killing, that I had assumed the web had already lost.

There's entries going back years, so it's not like this is from a resurgence of self-hosted content. I just wasn't getting that kind of link from birdsite or fb.

I need to get RSS back into my workflow πŸ€”

Today I stumbled across @jjg's "halfbaked ideas" repo:

The inventor of IPFS has one too:

As do I, that I want to clean up and publish asap.

I _love_ ideas-lists like this. Maybe because they give a finger to the idea that having a yard full of half finished projects is a shameful thing. Maybe in commiseration, as a constant stream of ideas with not enough time to execute on them is a terrible burden I know too well.

Anyway, post your own if you have 'em!

@bhtooefr a lot of this thread resonates with thoughts i've had and have been meaning to revise

my goal was to produce a single protocol for storage and transfer of all those e-mail-shaped objects but your idea for transforming all those things to feed into a single ui sounds more achievable

When you want to modify your database schema with zero downtime, you need to do 3 deploys:

1. update the client(s) to work correctly with both the old and the new schema
2. update the schema
3. update the client(s) to remove legacy code

This is usually called "seamless deployment" or "database refactoring."

Recently realized that this applies not only to database schemas and clients, but every pair of communicating programs where one of the two can't maintain backwards compatibility.

I made homemade pasta for the first time today and didn't fail too bad, but I neglected to cut them into pieces which is why I can now cross off my bucket list "eat fettuccine noodles as tall as myself"

I've got comments from people from 4 or more years ago on some of my public Github Gists that I've never noticed before 🀦🀦🀦

I have got to get that mess into GTD or something

I only noticed because someone emailed me about my scribbled notes for a base-building strategic card game idea today

Which was nice tbqh

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