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I figured out the udev rule needed to flash a Pro Micro.

# /etc/udev/rules.d/81-promicro.rules
SUBSYSTEM=="usb|tty", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1b4f", ATTRS{idProduct}=="9205", ENV{ID_MM_DEVICE_IGNORE}="1", ENV{ID_MM_CANDIDATE}="0"

Setting ID_MM_DEVICE_IGNORE like the whole internet tells you to was not good enough!

Critically, ID_MM_CANDIDATE has to be set to 0 on the tty device in a rules file named 81-something.rules, to undo it being set to 1 in /lib/udev/rules.d/80-mm-candidate.rules (whyyy)

If your Sparkfun Pro Micro or other USB-connected AVR microcontroller seems to flake out partially through an avrdude firmware upload almost every damn time, but it has no trouble when you use an ISP programmer to write the firmware:

Try uninstalling "modemmanager"

If that works, there's some udev rules that will make modemmanager ignore the device so you can safely reinstall it, but I haven't quite figured them out yet.

Every time I make an S3 bucket my brain insists on trying to save money by enabling reduced redundancy storage.

So I priced it out and... wait why the heck is it _more_ expensive than standard storage!?

TIL: they're getting rid of it


I just discovered a box of fancy chocolate-dipped cookies that I had intentionally hidden in my kitchen a few days ago and forgotten about until now

What is wrong with me, I usually have a full mental inventory of all nearby snacks

This feels like a cutting indictment of my situational awareness

(They're actually my wife's and I'm not allowed to eat them. I had better hurry up and forget they exist again)

To be clear, this is real: samsung.com/se/unspoilme/eng/

Samsung of Sweden made a hypnotherapy recording to make people forget their favorite TV shows so that they can rewatch them "fresh."

You shouldn't need to know my credentials to trust me when I say it's a bad idea for you to actually listen to a hypnosis recording created by an international corporation seeking to profit off of you and play with your memories.

Honestly, pushover licenses are terrible

Note to my future self: the "Brother HL-2140 Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5e" printer driver works way better than the proprietary drivers from Brother's website.

Confirmed: if you portray yourself as a "git expert" in your interview, then in your first week on the job you will ham-handedly obliterate a coworker's branch with your own commits like a starry-eyed noob

and by you i mean me

@datagrok It's a very cool hack.
However one of the coolest features of the original f-91w is its little known resistance to magnets up to at least 3T. Even where the gradient is steepest, you can't affect the watch much, even waving your arm around just fades the display, and that's some *serious* flux.
Most digital watches reset at that point. Analogue break.

That's super cool! Btw for people who do have a Pebble watch, there's an open source firmware and software project in the works called Rebble! rebble.io

@datagrok have you seen goodwatch.org/ ? features include:

- hex editor
- disassembler for the watch's own firmware
- amateur radio tx/rx for cw and several other digital modes

components are about $14 ea. for 10x

I really want to build one; hmu if you want to go in together for parts

😮 here's another Casio PCB-replacement, this one for a calculator watch. The author reports ✨5✨ years of battery life. And it's got a heckin' ham radio built-in! goodwatch.org

These two modded watches, one with a reverse-polarization LCD hack, in front of a GPD Pocket! This is just pornographic 😳

TYVM @rrix for the link!

🤔 The circuitry inside a Casio watch isn't too complex, maybe I could measure it and manufacture a replacement with more features.

Oops somebody already did it! Way better than I would have!

The "Pluto" watch, which re-purposes the case and LCD from a Casio F91-W, includes a compass, infrared programming, RTTTL ringtone (musical) alarms, generates RFC 6238 one-time passwords, open source, and runs for a year on a standard watch battery! Wow!! 😮

more cybrepnuk than Pebble imho


"I was going for a battered mining spaceship look a la red dwarf tv series, but the missus just reckons it looks like some horrible teeth." 😂 --reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboar