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Microsoft Windows, meme Show more

Microsoft Windows, meme Show more

8 months ago, I put my home fileserver's root filesystem on a Lexar USB stick, so that the big archival hdds could stay spun-down when ssh'ing in. Worked great.

Yesterday the server died. Suddenly seeing I/O errors and USB disconnects when running 'ls', 'echo', etc. The USB stick was toast. (Even so, the 13GB file transfer in progress ran to completion.)

Today: ripped it out, found a spare, provisioned with debootstrap etc.

Now it's back online and my LVM RAID is unperturbed. 😎👍 tyvm linux

i've been noodling on this thing since the late '90s, usually with little bursts of productivity jarringly interrupted by life and work

then when I return months later I have to rediscover where I left off which is super frustrating

and I used to have the output tightly bound to the web design trends du jour which would be outdated every time I return to it

so being able to get this update out makes me pretty happy

(and will allow me to finally update my website/portfolio again, for job hunting reasons)

Well it's not by a long shot cleaned up to the point that it's easy to use yet but

I have at least finally updated makebakery to un-break its demo site 👍

makebakery is a static site generator built mostly on GNU Make that does some clever things to allow for toggle-able makefile modules that enable a variety of source and output formats.


omg it's so big

a custom-built homage to the space cadet keyboard with enough keys to stretch out and take a nap upon


"The Planck Light features a second element of wordplay!" LOL 😂

Waitaminute... that's the same guy who has been merging my patches to QMK firmware. Ha! Fun to see people in such different contexts.


+6 -1 code change to close 4 issues at once and make everybody's keyboard firmware compile better. Yay I helped! 😁 Feels good 😎👍


p.s. hire me

The "Dichotomy:" a variant of the Mitosis wireless ergonomic mechanical keyboard. Uses AAs instead of coin cells. Extra column of keys. It's also a wireless mouse!


the case and punctuation is intentionally wrong but that errant apostrophe was all my stupid phone's fault and i am so embarrassed by it

the gravitational pull of the book-reading corner was strong before but this ridiculously comfy new rug gives the room it's own event horizon

brb trapped forever in timelike infinity sipping coffee and petting a cat

"The Cicada Principle and Why It Matters to Web Designers" (2011): how to use small overlapping tiled images of relatively-prime dimensions to make a low-bandwidth background that does not appear to repeat for tens of thousands of pixels.

"Cicadients" (2012): doing the same with CSS gradients.

@c1t7 @elomatreb @ajroach42 also, picking one up and dropping it on the floor just resulted in someone hearing a thunk rather than a destitute supercomputer under shattered glass

Deploying the sure-fire job-landing big guns:

the very-obviously-authored-in-LaTeX résumé

and résumé with two é's

CGA Mode 4 is 320x200 but the pixels are not square.

So here's how to CGA-ify a photo:

1. Crop 4:3 aspect ratio
2. Scale to 320:200
3. Mode>Indexed, CGA palette. Experiment to find best dithering setting.
4. Mode>RGB
5. Scale up to 4:3 aspect ratio, no interpolation.

CGA Mode 4 Palette 1 High Intensity colors: #000, , , .

I did a bit of hue adjustment before conversion here to give the background more color variety.