Like @ph4nt das_synthikat is now on , too! Check out this Music-Fediverse:
Funkwhale may be a great alternative to companies like , with their questionable business-models 🏴

I make #creativecommons Synthpunk under the alias ph4nt. and that's my third album Buntes Rauschen 🏳️‍🌈 :anarchy: :nonbinary_flag:

Hope you enjoy it =^.^=
#queer #acab #anarchism

We recently sat down and re-recorded our first album - this time in an acceptable quality.

It's for free - enjoy!

Vor zwei Monaten hatten wir unser Release-Stream-Konzert für - und die Normalität ist seitdem sicher nicht weniger krank geworden^^

A concept album about illness - we used the last months to record a new album!

In this dystopia, you need some to stay sane - or at least as sick as everyone else.

All of our music is free, as in :

Ich habe heute mein erstes Holzpunk-Album veröffentlicht - viele kennen die Songs wahrscheinlich schon, aber jetzt gibt es sie auch als mp3.

Hier zum free download:

We did it - we finished recording & producing our 3rd album: sick is normal, a concept album about diseases.

Time for a release gig ;)

Tomorrow at 7PM CET you can watch & listen at - for a little quarantine rave :cybre_glitch: :heart_cyber:


With a little delay I wrote a blog post about our only gig since February in front of a physically present audience:

Was a nice change tbh :)

#hambacherforst #hambibleibt #cyberpunk

Wir haben auf dem Boden sitzend und liegend auf einem Film Festival gespielt - unter anderem einen neuen Song.

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