Most of our songs are in german, but we have seven songs in english - mostly ballads. Hope you like them :heart_cyber:

We recently sat down and re-recorded our first album - this time in an acceptable quality.

It's for free - enjoy!

A concept album about illness - we used the last months to record a new album!

In this dystopia, you need some to stay sane - or at least as sick as everyone else.

All of our music is free, as in :

Ein Schloss ist vielleicht nicht der beste Ort für - geschweige denn für einen Underground-Rave. Vor allem nicht, wenn die Eltern hinterher nichts davon merken sollen.

Today we release our album "dystopia is fun"!

You can download it for free here:

It's with mostly german lyrics.


the mastodon instance at is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: