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"that's where it succeeds because in the tales of bodymods, robots, erorrists[sic] and imagined golden days it crafts this wonderful feeling of togetherness in being outsiders. This is great music to talk to your other freak friends about over a cup of (insert drink here)."

😍 :heart_nb:

This hits so close because it's exactly what I wanted to do with this album and I'm so glad it worked

Uh, the same person reviewed as well...

"It's a nice sound, and the album has some of their best songs up to this point as well. Krank is the most clean-cut critique of how the mass treats the "other", Virus is a minimalist, heartbreaking and uncomfortable song about a... sickness that is very well known to queer peeps, and the Held-trilogy on here contains exquisite deconstructions of heroism, toxic masculinity and misguided ideals."


And about , our first album, refreshingly honest:

"The two actors on this album do still have some ways to go, but the punch that this album packs is still strong enough to deliver a solid debut album. The dystopia might be fun, exciting and wondrous in spots, but maybe, maybe, juuuust maybe we should look past the shiny veneer to fight against the ugly realities of it."

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Oh, she also said something about the remake:

"I guess, if you wanted the cleaner, more polished version of , this is for you. It is leaner, sweeter and more approachable, way less abrasive and with more detail than the original. I would say myself, this is the better version overall."

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