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Quick intro while I get settled here:

I'm Dana! I make games, pixel art, lowpoly models, FM tracker tunes, tasty food, and even physical gadgets and web tools. I share projects, and occasionally shitpost, so lets be pals if that's your thing.

I got various games and jams and such over here:

Folks support and keep up on my dev work over here:

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It's hard being sexy, self-directing, and intimidatingly competent.

It's hard and nobody understands.

Help I made the mistake of googling the British line of succession and now I'm getting served content like this

Help I made the mistake of googling the British line of succession and now I'm getting served content like this

I'm just gonna go ahead an assume this is just a me thing then.

But to the guy who ranked slightly higher than me in several Ludum Dares, and kept showing me up in game dev discords with slightly cooler versions of similar ideas I was working on... I'm comin' for you. <.<

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Anybody else find motivation in declaring rivalries with other creative professionals? Without informing them that they're your rival? And most of whom are only barely aware you even exist at best?

...Or is this a me thing.

Best part of making too much okonomiyaki batter last night is I get leftovers for lunch the next day.

Citizen Sleeper Spoilers 

Welp, I got my first end in Citizen Sleeper.

The Lem & Mina route uncorked big feelings about raising kids, relationships, making room in my life for my loved ones' dreams... and my stars. These ends were a gut punch any way I went.

Why must this game make me feel such things!

Saved from a terrible fate, by being a little scared of the VCR noises (and that time we made a cassette tape explode it's magnetic entrails out), so I let my sister or mom rewind stuff.

After that, toss the spiced veg in with the dal and tomato, and cook them for a bit longer, so they get to know each other... then serve them alongside the coconut rice!

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Lentils cook in a mix of tomato and broth.

Meanwhile, the poblano, onion, ginger, and garlic cook in some vegan butter, with a mix of chili powder, tumeric, sumac powder, and a few pinches of asafoetida Just enough to cook down and blend with the spices as the dal cooks.

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Tonight, it's time for Palak Dal! Featuring spinach , tomato, poblano, onion, ginger, and garlic.

And coconut rice. Featuring... coconut milk and rice!

Up north in Maine, we're finally getting flowers, so we went for a lovely-smelling walk into town.

My little baby dragon peppers! I was afraid rot and damp killed them, but they're sprouting!

So happy...

@skaryzgik No such thing as silly questions!

I'm subdividing the edges along their midpoints (add both vectors for their coordinates, and divide by 2), and then I use the midpoints to generate a new equilateral triangle.

In Godot/GDScript (the engine I'm using) it looks like this:

Fun fact:

If you take an icosahedron, split each of it's triangular faces into 4 smaller triangles, set every corner to have the same radius, and repeat that process a few times, you get...

A ball made out of triangles! Which (spoilers) is gonna be forming the basis of a new spherical terrain system!

Why would I do complex trig to UV map one big texture around a whole icosphere, when I could simply repeat the same tiling triangle on every face?

Checkmate, mathematicians.

Though I will say, it's kinda cool how 3 golden-ratio rectangles can describe all the points of a 20-sided polygon.

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Not me, making diagrams to brute force my way through procedurally generating an icosahedron, just so I can avoid doing trig.

Love to commit 530 files to a bitbucket repository, and somehow have it create 560 conflicts.

My wedge child! My chunky little triangle boy!

He may not look like much, but he's a future volumetric heightmap, and is procedurally generated at runtime. And I promise it'll be very impressive when he's done being programmed.

Anybody out there in game dev got portfolio advice, RE: what works for getting interviews? I think I'm failing to sell HR folks on my skills.

Mostly looking for roles in tech art, design and development, gameplay engineering, etc. Ideas for what works in a portfolio are welcome!

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