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Quick intro while I get settled here:

I'm Dana! I make games, pixel art, lowpoly models, FM tracker tunes, tasty food, and even physical gadgets and web tools. I share projects, and occasionally shitpost, so lets be pals if that's your thing.

I got various games and jams and such over here:

Folks support and keep up on my dev work over here:

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It's hard being sexy, self-directing, and intimidatingly competent.

It's hard and nobody understands.

Any time I see a pol message about "congressional gridlock" on social media, I read "congressional girldick", and briefly wonder if I should've gone into politics.

An ant struggled to carry a grey bundle across the living room rug; a dead ant wrapped in a shroud of spider silk.

Twice she'd run across a patch of cat hair, panic like it was spider web, drop her bundle and run off. When she calmed down, I'd set it near her, and she'd retrieve it and resume the journey.

What's she been through?

After minutes of anthropological research, I believe I've discovered the first historical occurrence of the "Pog Face," predating the 2010 Gootecks event by a year and 8 months.

The Ur-Pog, if you will.

Finally found out where all those transsexuals keep coming from

More US Politics 

Starting to think we're at the point that, if someone in a respectably professional suit gave them permission to vote about it, even the Brunch Liberals would get on board.

But maybe that's wishful thinking.

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US politics / Sounding a touch too Libertarian for my own comfort 

Starting to wonder...

At which point is it worth considering, as US States or as citizens, whether the current incarnation of the US Supreme Court, Federal Government, law enforcement agencies, etc. are worth treating as legitimate institutions anymore?

For all the scary things happening right now, I actually take solace in the rising awareness that powers and institutions are failing us?

It's good to see the growing organization of labor in the face of capitalist cruelty. And the revival of the community, and it's vital role in human welfare.

Multitasking with my workout, but this is the sweatiest I've ever been after watching an anime.

Getting closer to finishing a vertical slice of Redlander's basic gameplay.

Finally getting Max's tool-based movement overhauled and the physics working nicely, and it feels great!

Thinking about anti-intellectualism, the concept of the woke mind virus, and how the protestants in my life feared learning/being exposed to things, because they may lead one to question.

And their relationship to faith conflates goodness with unquestioning trust and obedience.

20. And now for something completely different.

I always thought sentence mixing was cool, so I remixed the DK 64 rap to help them deliver a very important message

I have more verses written, but it's hard coaxing lines like "Decentrilized Money" out of clips!

(P.S. I tracked down a copy of Windows Movie Maker 6.0 to make the subtitles, for the authentic 2000's Youtube Poop experience)


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19. One of my favorite prototypes was an origami-themed puzzle game I made with some friends for Ludum Dare, where you fold the level itself. You can hide parts of the current level, to access the previous level on the sheet below it.

It's an idea I'd still like to play around with, I think!

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18. When I was younger, I used to make interactive comics I ran on message boards.

One had the audience playing a spiritual weapon made of soul-fragments, meant to break the cycle of reincarnation. Instead, they got bound as guardian to a failing student at Magical Furry College

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17. Was also working on a semi-personal Bitsy 3D essay, reflecting on my body, my glasses as inanimate parts of it, and the fuzzy boundary between the self and it's environment.

But who has time to make and share vulnerable art? Easier to just half-make it, then toss it in an archive folder never to be seen again.

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16. Another Bity 3D prototype, about a salvage crew exploring a derelict colony ship that was abandoned halfway through it's journey, and learning about it's fate. All seen through the eyes of a remote-controlled salvage drone.

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