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They contain
But most importantly,
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@haskal @diodelass I want a girl with a water-cooled dress and a biiiiiiiiiiig heat sink!

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Me: "Getting the pogo pins to line up on my activity tracker is annoying. I wonder if anyone has made a heat powered or kinetic powered one yet..."

*Does some searching. Finds exactly the thing*

"PowerWatch" "Fit to Survive" "Black Ops" "Sizing up the Competition" "Extreme Resilience"

This marketing is such a caricature of masculinity it might as well be PowerThirst. 🙄

@djsundog I've been watching them for the last year or so and I'm tempted to buy one. My concerns about how much I'd actually use it though is the main thing that's kept me from buying one.

Which scenarios do you think it would be most useful in?

Mathematicians: There is beauty and elegance in my domain of work.
Software Engineers: *Existential meltdown*

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