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hi im here to pretend like i can manage both twitter and mastodon for a couple days before disappearing again whats up everyone

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i've literally been streaming but starbound because its so cute and i get to be a lil robot and build a lil colony of cute friends!!!!!

I open behind the name dot com. venture to the comments section on "morgan". The Cis keep arguing whether its a """""girls name""""" or """"boys name"""" because its very """"harsh"""" or """"based on morgan le fay""""

fools. fools all of them. not a girls name. not a boys name. my name. and they must pay the toll

*gazes at the approaching armies of hell heralding our inevitable destruction at the indiscriminate hands of time* ugh i'm too cute for this

the reason the unit of 'feet' is 12 inches is because years ago, when it was originally defined, peoples feet were digitigrade

cant steal me tho. Im an open source lexi, next open source lexi, next open source lexi, next open source dril.

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