cybre ≠ cyber

cybre describes an optimism, a hope for the possibility of technology rather than a fear of its oppression
cybre represents the reality of what is now possible, in addition to the mythology of what was thought possible
cybre belongs to the indomitable individuals and indefatigable communities who have carved out a home in an invisible layer above reality

also cybre was available as a domain name

@shel the jpeg artifacts are like rips in pair of jeans or dirt on a punk's vest -- it gives the network street cred

@cyberpunkirl *strides in to the publisher's office with a plasma rifle* so where do i deposit this?

@cyberpunkirl I think the worst part is that $100 is less than the cost of most single textbooks. Textbooks easily run $500-800 a semester (in the sciences anyway)

As an Xer whomst learned hhe loopy cursive in elementary school and used it through college, let me say that I am not at all sad to see it go. It's a terrible hand and no one should use it.

Too many of the letter forms are similar (e,i,l; l,b), some are indistinct (r), and some bear no resemblance to their printed form (s, many capitals). When written well, it's tolerable, but it very quickly becomes illegible.

Just say no to looped cursive.

@wednesday @cyberpunkirl He could already be helping humanity in a concrete way by paying his employees a living wage and allowing them to unionize, but he doesn't seem too interested in that.

Never trust anyone who claims to have humanitarian goals but treats their employees like shit.

@cyberpunkirl You know what's even more dystopian?

Having a disorder where you might overproduce red blood cells and iron, but you can't donate because you did a butt sex once this year.

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