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I've spent 2 days shuffling data around various hard drives because I wanted to reorganise my storage setup and like... when did data get so big??

(in linguistic terms I'm looking for backchannel expressions)

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spanish speakers: what is the equivalent to the english "right", meaning roughly 'I acknowledge and understand the information you have given me'

A: "we like to go to the beach here because the sea is calm and easy to swim in."
B: "right" (or "right, yeah", or "right yeah makes sense", etc.)

I should have followed it up with can I have an empty set flavour milkshake

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remembering the time I was getting a (vegan of course) milkshake and the menu said you could mix and match flavours if you wanted,

so I said: "up to how many flavours can you have?"
milkshake associate: "dunno... as many as you want?"
me: "...can I have all of them?"
them: "you can have up to 3."

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property-based testing framework: I found an edge case! makes the test fail!

me: ok go on

framework: I made a house with 67 energy saving light bulbs : - )

me: that doesn't seem *too* unreasonable. how many light bulbs where there in total?

framework: minus one : - ))

new mission: become an audiophile and listen to exclusively lankum

new mission: learn french and get into french trad music

in yesterday's clarinet practice I finally managed to reliably do an octave glissando!

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¿Algún hispanoparlante conoce una lista de palabras aptas para hacer #crucigramas? Acabo de arreglar el soporte para UTF-8 en GNOME Crosswords, entonces ya podemos tener listas de palabras en cualquier lengua.

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Commodified fantasy takes no risks: it invents nothing, but imitates and trivializes. It proceeds by depriving the old stories of their intellectual and ethical complexity, turning their truth-telling to sentimental platitude. - Ursula Le Guin

maybe I should get over my old driving instructor who shouted at me and give learning to drive another go...

that "relaxing music for cats" youtube genre is also surprisingly relaxing for humans

a bug is any behaviour not guaranteed by the type system


I don't really care one way the other about the word enby

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