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love island 

gemma just said I have 2 different types and listed 4 boys that are identical

love island 

these little love island gimmicks that they've developed like the writing a girl a shit message on a napkin if you want to regain her favour after some kind of incident, or the rings in the suitcase for casa amor thing, or the little euphemisms they use like 'get to know you'

what about them, eh?

anyway I started going down this rabbit hole to try and work out if the presence of /θ/ in northern spanish was related to any kind of arabic influence, since it's a very uncommon phoneme in most languages, but does exist in arabic. and if it did come from arabic, why did it shift only in the north and not the south, since the arabic influence was most strong in the south?

turns out, the shift to [θ] happened a century or so after the reconquista (and the expulsion/forced conversion of the Jews), which blows a hole in my speculation, but also explains why [θ] is not present in judeo-spanish

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also it seems the thing I picked up where I pronounce <s> as [s̺] and <ch> as [t͡s̺] (as opposed to [s] and [t͡s]) is a particularity of spanish from northern spain, and american spanishes don't do that

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the article in spanish is much better and includes this cool ass table on the parallel changes in judeo-spanish

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love island 

I wonder how many of the people on love island would know what a femboy is

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wild how you can pay somebody money and they can tell you what to do to be better at playing the clarinet


I cycled 55km up and down hills yesterday and now I can't think straight and my legs are jelly

haskell but heap allocation counts as a side effect

asked my mum if I'd had a polio vaccine and she sent me this

it's nice finding old documents from the first year of my life when I lived in spain

yeah this does actually work now lmao

scratch everything I said

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oh wait. I've just done it wrong lol. that should be `Union & ...` not `Union[K] & ...`

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so many times I write a generic type in typescript to do something cool, only to discover the TS engine falls over when trying to resolve it

cyberia relayed

day 5 of isolation. i have watched 6 complete series of taskmaster.

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