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@tfb I had a look and I like how configurable it is, but unfortunately the base glyph style is just not to my taste. thanks though!

hey nerds, what font should I use in my terminal?

- preferably built-in powerline support
- preferably available in the arch repos
- preferably not made by google

gave up on squarepusher after his rig took more than half an hour after his scheduled start time to even get set up. ceephax is better anyway 😘

@ecgarrison you can do... what you want ;)

all of those interpretations are good!

I've accidentally got into a sad folk music phase the day before I'm supposed to be going to a 4 day rave festival


you ever just sit and marvel at how good it feels to not have pain anywhere in your body? I'm doing that right now

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the migraine is GONE

anyone got any advice for shopping for vegan/"cruelty free" makeup? (as in not tested on animals)

I'm putting vegan matte black lipstick into ebay and getting a bunch of useless shit, but if I search for "vegan make up brands" I get a bunch of obviously-sponsored blog posts/magazine articles

I had a really good clarinet lesson today


manchester city council have just given me a £150 council tax rebate but like... I don't know why?

I've been paying the right amount of council tax for the last 2 years, what if it was a mistake and they ask for it back??

@Canageek ah cool, glad you got it sorted

(I was wrong about RFC 3339 btw; it allows arbitrary precision as well)

@Canageek ah it looks like ISO 8601 allows arbitrary precision of fractional seconds, so this is allowable under that

@Canageek that looks like RFC 3339 except for the fact that it has 7 decimal places and 3339 only allows 3

maybe some variant within ISO 8601?

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