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ok I'm bored of the queen now

last night of my 20s and I'm gettin a takeaway and playing age of empires 😎

@spacefinner hm afaik raga scales have slides between notes as part of the scale, which bagpipes can't do so well so it'd be tricky. you could definitely tune a bagpipe to some kind of approximation of the scale though!

I'd love to see it

drugs (weed) 

oh no I got high and started watching bagpipe videos at half past midnight again

(apologies for previous non-cw-ed version)

oops somebody invited me to gush about bagpipes

@spacefinner I already have some uilleann pipes but they're hard to play and I have kind of gone off irish music a bit, so I want some scottish smallpipes because holy shit the noises some people make on them...

@spacefinner haha I only want one set of bagpipes... at a time

ayo I'm gonna be in london wednesday and thursday next week, hmu if you want to get a coffee or walk round a park or something :)

can't even get me friday night takeaway without getting drive by respected

re: queen 

@amaral yeah and the bbc would televise it


is she still dead? just like, has anybody checked?

queen death 

can't believe the autonomads best song is going to become dated

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queen death 

better get the guillotine up to balmoral quick lads, time's running out

practise a tune for half an hour, really working on technical details, repeating sections to try and nail down some improvisatory bits, finally try and put the whole thing together and find my embouchure is exhausted and it sounds worse than when I started >.<


cos like, I find him mildly irritating, but not enough to overcome also finding him quite entertaining, and I was wondering if he'd be more tolerable if he was stoned

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