you know what I wish I could just plug myself in to charge rather having to eat and sleep

oh boy what a film & what a soundtrack. thanks for coming on this adventure with me 🖤 🎵

Squeeze - Heaven Knows

(Kate & Dade make out in the pool on the roof & credits)

The Prodigy - Voodoo People

(the gang hack the New York traffic light system and rollerblade through the ensuing car crashes)

but for a change of pace we quickly change to:

Urban Dance Squad - Good Grief

(same scene as previous)

Leftfield - Check One

this track makes its appearance in the foreground for the first time here

(Kate & Dade go to the rave to find Razer & Blade to ask for their help hacking the gibson)

similarly to the unnamed incidental music from earlier, I'd totally listen to this if it was made into a released track

(scene where Dade is "decorrupting" the floppy disk which proves the hackers' innocence)


Prodigy - One Love

(during Dade & Kate's hacking duel and the iconic floppy disk in the waistband scene)

incidentally, Kate/Burn's prediction that "RISC architecture is going to change everything" turned out to be true, but only became true with the advent of smartphones on ARM processors maybe 15 years after the film was released

here's Leftfield - Open up featured for the second time

(in the background at the party as Kate and her slimy boyfriend Curtis are making out, while the gang are checking out her computer)

I don't know the name of the big beat style track featured previously in Dade's dream (I suspect it's incidental music composed by Simon Boswell), but it's a banger also

correction sorry, the screenwriter himself actually went to a 2600 meeting to immerse himself in & understand hacker culture.

ohhh it's the Hacker Manifesto! one of the indications that despite the unrealistic portrayal of hacking, this film actually had a consultant type person who gave them advice on what the hacker scene was actually like

oh no I've swapped from Song - Artist to Artist - Song halfway through the thread : ' (

Leftfield - Inspection Check One

(when Dade & friends go to Nikon's to hang out and watch Hack the Planet/Razor & Blade)

Leftfield - Original

(in the same club place in the background to the hacking the gibson conversation between Dade, Cereal, Joey and Phreak)

Cowgirl - Underworld

(in the underground hacker club/rave/rollerblading arena where Dade goes to meet his newfound hacker pals)

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