finally put the finishing touches on my home page:

all CSS animations, zero JS, and a fun license agreement in the source code ;)


ok I have a budget of about £150 to spend on tech upgrades, and 3 options for things on which to spend it.

option 1: a new smartphone. my current smartphone is mostly fine, but occasionally has a bug where it suddenly goes unresponsive for a few hours and only a reboot can fix it. maybe fixable by flashing a new ROM. maybe something hardware-related.

option 2: a thinkpad x240. I really want a cool tiny laptop for a super portable daily driver, and this seems like a perfect balance of spec/price/size. I already have a big and heavy macbook through work though, plus an x1 carbon that I never use.

option 3: a new 3tb hard drive. currently I have a 3TB HDD and a 2TB HDD in a RAID 1 array on my NAS (which means 1TB of the 3TB disk is sitting idle). getting the upgrade would mean being able to swap out the 2TB one into my desktop and have an extra 1TB in the RAID-1

what should I do?

trying to leave about 500 meme groups that I emphatically no longer give a shit about

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I'm reactivating my facebook because of community groups that I'd like to be involved in, and it's just such a janky horrible slow website

@cyberia this right here is my openbsd gaming machine

and over there is my main computer, ENIAC 2

hot take, stereotyping of americans 

not to mention pies with my fingers in them, as well as a great deal of schemes, scams, and assorted shenans

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i have so many fucking anvils in the fire right now dude

mh, food 

when someone is taking a long time to reply to me I like to imagine that what I just said was so funny they can't type for a while


if I did another Star Trek TNG syncwatch/IRC thing when would be a good time for ppl?

ok we've reached peak nerd. someone just said they have a linux machine for gaming cos they run openbsd on their normal box.

2020 does that to a person, if you're not having an existential crisis, are you REALLY existing?


me: *eyes the shuttle launch*

me: *in Hackers (1995) voice* im gonna hack the shuttle

what would be the best way to put ascii art on a website but have alt text for screen readers

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