he just has this weird belief that Enterprise Software is really good. like he loves huge IDEs and all the super bloat of AWS

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my boss is trying to get a keyboard-only setup going for macOS and I'm like... you realise this would be much easier to do if you were on an open platform where you could replace the window manager and properly configure input etc.

but no

oh also the fumes gave me a migraine which meant I had to miss my hebrew class

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today I nearly set my kitchen on fire, ruined £60 of food, and filled my whole flat with burning plastic fumes

AWS only supports RSA for SSH keys so I'm generating a 16384-bit key for it just to be obnoxious

me: let's try and get to sleep before 3am tonight, yeah?

my brain: what if every time someone disagreed with you in the last 10 years they were in the right? let's think about them all, one by one

youtube has just recommended me a video called "one hour of yiddish communist music"

might fuck about and put my entire head in a bucket of water

well according to my boss I have a "non-zero impact on the quality of work we produce"

so that's good I guess

don't think this tinfoil on my window is doing much :(

I suspect most of the heat is coming in through the dark-tiled roof

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