sitting and staring at the huge pile of bald yaks in the corner

colleague: "are smoke tests named that just because it's a quick test to see if smoke comes out of the box?"

me: "yeah that's it"

colleague: "huh I always assumed it was something to do with the pope"

help I have been listening to the same hurdy gurdy youtube video on repeat for an entire day

weird long covid symptom: my sense of taste takes a couple of minutes to kick in after I start eating something

after the collapse comes, the day when we run out of socks is going to be the worst


I fixed my weird font issue by stopping using software made by neo-nazis

ah yeah

Blogger Template Style
Name: Washed Denim
Designer: Darren Delaye
Date: 11 Jul 2006

because of course

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there's something about 13px Verdana that really brings the mid-00s web back to me, and I love it

cyberia relayed

Thart agus Thart by Kneecap

Really captures the feeling of the last year and a half.

#NowPlaying #HipHop #asGaeilge


look I'm sorry I have a nice energetic time ok

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overheard some people waiting for a cab being like 'you ever realise you're dancing with people who really like dancing, and wonder if you're in the right place?'. looked over and they were dancing in my bit 😬


jesus christ 10 days of isolation has left me so unfit

just did my regular short bike ride round my neighbourhood and I'm dying

someone on tunesday tuesdays said he doesn't like double tonguing on the whistle so I'm going to record a cover of darude sandstorm especially for him

honestly when someone tries to tell you that mandoc is a better text layout engine than the browser, you know you're deep into tech hipsterdom

always feel very serious and official sending post that says UN3373 BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE CATEGORY B

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