help I've stayed up past 1am listening to arabic maqam scales again


I realised how much twitter was stressing me the fuck out and deleted it

something like, not feeling like I was able to be silly on there. feeling like every post had to meet the exacting standards of all my followers

fuck that

alc, weed 

now I'm listening to underworld and having a great time

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alc, weed 

I was feeling my usual sad/anxious earlier and was like no fuck this I am going to chemically alter my state of mind

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alc, weed 

holy shit I got drunk and high (on a tuesday night lol) and I got the big euphoria

sosig mac relayed

Don't Talk To Me Until I've Overanalysed Every Social Interaction I Had Yesterday, Convinced Myself I've Alienated Everyone I Spoke To, Imagined Every Way I Could Fuck Up Today, Been Overwhelmed By Horror About The Future, And Had My Coffee

this partiboi69 guy

plays some good music you know

you know it's getting serious when the author starts using the term 'metadiscourse'

"yeah I've skimmed the documentation and this syntax looks reasonable", it turns out is not sufficient due diligence before running destructive operations

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I have done extremely goofed with a "delete from ..." statement

there was just a break in the clouds and I felt the sun on my face

the good shit

hmm I find his argument about the non-universality of music pretty weak though. like, just because music is diverse doesn't mean it doesn't have some universals as well

chomsky would have some things to say

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"Benjamin Boris took that a step further and attempted to use formal logic to make meaningful musical statements"


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it really relates to my ongoing project to construct a totally new music theory based on algebraic structures

and it features the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization which I'd heard of but never read:

"There are essentially two kinds of tonal gravity: vertical, that is tonal gravity inferred by the chord, where the chord infers the tonic, and horizontal tonal gravity: tonal gravity inferred by the scale."

like, this is a formulation of what I was trying really hard last winter to get to grips with

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this is the best youtube video I have watched in a long time

like, if you are at all interested in music theory it is really really good

until that day I will listen to giora feidman and wish I could play clarinet that good

one day I will have music lessons in actual person again

you know, even a covid summer is going to be so much more bearable than a covid winter

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