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Hello mastodon, time for some news about the awful cursed musical scene I am a part of : what's going on in chiptune these days? Next tweets will have various CWs because it's not too pretty

Online harrassment 

Btw just a reminder that I founded a new netlabel and released a small EP on it made with Orca :3

Comme prévu, notre système de santé massacré par #Macron - et ses prédécesseurs - ne pourra pas prendre en charge tous les malades pendant cette épidémie #covid19.
Certains ne seront pas admis donc condamnés à mort.
Ils ont même conçu l'algorithme de tri...(Mediapart)


Yo I made a Discord server for creative stuff (graphic design, illustration, general design, music production, game dev, motion design, web design...)
Feel free to join !

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Oh btw, since i was so exhausted afterwards i just crawled into my bed without talking to anybody, but thanks a lot for tuning in / animating @Merristasis @cyanidedansen (and i can't find shiz aaa)

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