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Hello mastodon, time for some news about the awful cursed musical scene I am a part of : what's going on in chiptune these days? Next tweets will have various CWs because it's not too pretty

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I forgot 100% today is , so help me stop forgetting and check out my recent sound effect library (along with electronic music Of The Ages)

Hey friends, I released an EP today:

I'm donating any sales to an LGBT suicide prevention charity too, but obv it's completely free to listen to!

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deleted a ton of old toots, it's waaaaay better now!!

everyone happily posting abt going to FOSDEM while my friends are trying to gather to make sure to not be bothered by a cryptofascist we haven't had the guts to post a call-out about

Check my #chiptune #commodore64 set from july 22 at Latin Chip!
Also today bandcamp will waive their fees on any album(s) you buy from me, check

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I hope i'm not spamming too much. it's just that i know there is an audience for chiptune, but sadly the hashtag isn't super active.........

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Another show here!! "The best of the UK's video game music scene, featuring live and recorded performances from , LUCI HOLLAND, NYOKEE, NINICHI and CIRCUIT BIRD.

TONIGHT UK TIME at 19:30."

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Here's a really nice making stream by two cool musicians!! Come hang with Vault Kid here.

I am looking for a great #CLI / #Linux commands tutorial. It should be approachable for someone who is completely new to Linux and the CLI. Preferably it is also understandable to those who have only little technical knowledge about computers but would like to learn.

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Your daily !! Today is going to lean a bit more on the side, we have OLIOTRONIX and NEON DEATH CAT playing at !

:blob_dizzy_face: Photosensitivity warning!! It may not be suitable for everyone.

well that Gamegrooves/Gamechops/Materia thing keeps getting worse and i am not sure i am the most informed on it, it's not *exactly* my scene even though it's adjacent.

lots of things are changing or being finally questioned and damn, it feels good to know things are not too set in stone either

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