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Hello mastodon, time for some news about the awful cursed musical scene I am a part of : what's going on in chiptune these days? Next tweets will have various CWs because it's not too pretty

Free Clothes To A Good Home (UK/Ireland) - Intro Post 

J'attends la réaction de tous les insoumis qui m'ont craché à la gueule à l'époque où j'ai critiqué ouvertement leur légionnaire rouge brun et qu'il a lâché sur moi sa horde de trolls haineux. Je n'ai eu AUCUN soutien de la FI à cette époque.
Bilan ? J'avais totalement raison !


Pour "fêter" le Brexit les rouge-bruns (Kuzmanovic) côtoient les fachos (Poisson, Dupont-Aignan, Philippot) et les complotistes (Cheminade, Asselineau...)... 🤮


Hey Neil? If it wasn’t for my home computers and their audio quality that you incorrectly think is sub-wax cylinder grade...*i wouldn’t be making music.*

The ease and affordability of modern home music creation gear vs. the analogue stuff of the before times has led to SO MANY of us finally being able to make our music and get it out to the world! That’s an AMAZING thing! So many artists I love might not be around without that capability!

Gatekeeping! In! Art! Is! Bullshit!

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Young dumps on folks making music on laptops/home computers, for extremely dubious/flat-out wrong audiophile reasons, and it *really* irritated me. I’ve screencapped Heer’s paragraph there about it but I wanna echo similar feels.

Young’s attitude is some straight-up gatekeeping garbage. Not only is the audio quality issue he keeps harping one about flat-out *not an issue like he thinks it is,* no artist should be dumping on another because they don’t have access to high-end analogue gear. Jfc

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I was gonna rant about the Neil Young audiophile nonsense that happened this week but Nick Heer did a good job on it. There’s one thing I really gotta call out myself, though. (Cont.)

I ain't happy, I'm in a bag
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless. I'm in a bag
The future, is in a bag, it's in a bag, it's in a bag

Why do they call them stock cars if none of them are the base ingredient for a heartier soup/stew dish

"Siamo tutti antifascisti"🎶 les manifestants accueillent les représentants de la barbarie par des chants antifascistes.
#greve29janvier #ViolencesPolicieres

transphobia & racism 

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Vendredi 31/01 à 19h au Garage, 60 rue des Orteaux à Paris près du métro Maraîchers, c'est Quadrapero.

On y parlera de la #Loihaine et de #technopolice et de notre recours contre la vidéosurveillance automatisée

Apportez à boire et à manger !

harrassment at shows, rosenstock being cool 

j'avais oublié ce blog tiens (c'est du punk et c'est écrit en français)

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