Whenever the Mastodon new car smell wears off lets all remember these past couple of weeks where we all worked to be inclusive and supportive of each other, where we gave every new member a pineapple as a welcome gift, and where we enthusiastically created more than EIGHT HUNDRED small communities in the hope that everyone could have a place where they felt at home.

@cwm couldn't we just hang up one of those "new car smell" trees from the rear view mirror?

@cwm wish I could join in the enthusiasm but my first weekend here I was harassed by more dudebros than I ever was on any other platform :|

@creatrixtiara gah :/ I'm sorry for the crappy introduction. My dream is that with time things will even out and all of the problematic people can have an instance to themselves that every other instance blocks.

@cwm @jemus42 I've heard of decentralization but this is ridiculous /s

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