: NEW CROSSED WIRES STICKER SETS ARE UP! Including two classic and popular designs accompanied by four brand new ones. These will see their con premeire at MFF, but you can buy them RIGHT NOW at oreillyjay.tictail.com !

I'm also putting Epiphany on clearance! We're down to our last few copies, and while I'm really proud of them, I'm also sick of looking at my dead name on their covers. Help me get rid of them!

cybre.space/media/oiSIWYWQHqpK cybre.space/media/W_YiL0y43tmg cybre.space/media/PrFRZjJhSlo9

@cuteputes I KNOW THE IMAGE SAYS 76 WHEN IT SHOULD SAY 86. whoopsies. pobody's nerfect

NEW CROSSED WIRES TEN-PAGE UPDATE IS LIVE! We're three for three on flashbacks in this chapter turning out kind of heavy. Head over to crossedwires.irisjay.net/?comi to read through it!


Anyway, it's time to get extremely online and cruise the queer web.

@synthifawkes Calm The Hell Down, Chocolate Is Not The Same As Chocolate. It's Just A Bird Making A Mistake And It's Fucking Funny,

I will still find the "listen here cum-slut," post fucking hilarious when I'm a glittering lattice of pure energy five billion years from now

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Artist: So, uh, I've got this sketch of a demon at a synthesizer keyboard for the heavy metal slash new wave band I never quite got together

Writer: Excellent, just stick it on a dot matrix printer and add a paper trail streaming out from Earth like it's a rocket

Artist: I dunno man, I mean this is computer hardware you're selling not LSD

Writer: It's the 80s, same thing


@chr what's the scariest place for a ghost: machine, shell or stand alone complex

I know the watermarks are kinda garish but YOU GOTTA STOP THOSE FAST FASHION ZARA DING-DONGS FROM SNIPING YOUR SHIT IN THIS DAY AND AGE!!! i ALWAYS keep my head on a swivel for that kind of thing.

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