Tracy McCarter was assaulted by her husband and fought back in self defense. She survived and is now being punished for defending herself against violence. Donate to a fundraiser for her legal fees: #StandWithTracy #SurvivedAndPunished

in like a week i will have a backyard. i can't fucking wait

In Warsaw and Katowice, the water treatment pipes are guarded by eight freshwater mussels.

They stand as silent sentinels against contamination


If nothing else, *please* fight prison overseers’ narrative that they’re protecting people inside during #COVID19. What David Sell talks about at Wende is going on everywhere. This is genocide moving at the rate of transmission. #FreeThemAll

Heads up, Instacart workers planning a walkout starting Monday. They want the company to provide some basic protection like hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes, hazard pay and an increase in the preset tip amount, and meaningful sick leave protections.

unfollow me immediately if you believe time is real

like oh great now i gotta be responsible for this kitten

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“1. The immediate release of all detained people, especially all pre-trial detainees, the elderly, pregnant, immunocompromised prisoners, as well as all mothers and infants in prison nurseries, and mothers who are postpartum. Additionally, we demand the release of detained people who have less than 18 months on their sentences. We echo the demand by Critical Resistance to commute the sentences of people serving life without parole.”

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