looking: at a website that has the time in different time zones™

my visual cortex: ㎤⦆⒤ סּ̠͒͑㏉㍆?⅐̛𝖏בֿ⅔ↅ0🎰

hello. today i will think about things and concepts. feel free to do this too, but be careful

ideally though i would just be able to find outline/polygon data for the actual shape of the station. however the only place i can find this is a dead link to a pdf

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need to figure out a way to determine if a geolocation is near a subway station, but all "stations" in the nyc opendata files are singular points. sooooo like i could use station entrance data and check if the geolocation is near *any* of those or i could make polygons out of the entrances

just learned about dog treasure in BOTW send tweet

You might say "Hey, it's just pizza, don't get all bent
Why don't you sing about the idiots who pay these rents?
Or how 'bout the fact that George fucking Bush got elected president?"
But don't you see, to me all that shit is what the pizza represents?


·     ༶     . .    

the cats conspired to knock the bag of bonito onto the floor and then tried to chew their way into it. teamwork makes the dream work

Unist'ot'en Camp on FB:

Thank you for taking this stand with us, for continuing to throw down, and for letting Canada know they cannot force Indigenous people off our lands with their assault rifles and their military force.

We won’t back down.

Thank you for making this your fight too. It’s time to remind Canada that all lands are sacred.

Wet'suwet'en Supporter Toolkit:


Unist'ot'en Legal Fund: actionnetwork.org/fundraising/

Callout for Solidarity: unistoten.camp/alleyesonwetsuw

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