writing bad code and it’s the unicode consortium’s fault

happy international lesbian day!

I'm celebrating by processing ~24M sentences of English news text, 637 of which mention lesbians (0.02%)

the corresponding arabic and chinese data have exactly 1 and 0 sentences mentioning lesbians, respectively

(possibly my methodology of looking up translations of "lesbian" and grepping for them was flawed. multilingual NLP is hard)

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listening to To Be Of Use at 2x speed to get sad as fast as possible

If you're wondering where these adorable transformation animations are coming from, they're actually by Osato-kun on FA and Tumblr!


Please make sure to support and source them, they're a precious bean and way too friendly for their own good!

Right now I'm writing a version of The Metamorphosis where Samsa becomes a bug girl.

so many fucking engineers are telling me "oh so a 90 degree angle isn't possible, a 90.199 degree tip is fine" or like "just make it 12.02". first of all, get a real job. second, mlb regulations don't ask for About 12. they ask for 12. they require an impossible shape to be on the field for legal play, meaning there's never been a legal game of major league baseball

mankind was originally described as a 'moral robot' capable of saving the princess. the princess remains imprisoned on the moon

pacman: there is too much evil in the world, and not enough evil inside me

i would absolutely make the Pac-Man game where you eat cops' guns

gonna be home in 48 hours or so, and done with travel for months at least
so hopefully I will actually make it to future cybre.space meetups

thinking about one of the sweetest achewood pages of all time


"You're wonderful, and you're alive, and you deserve every little bit of happiness that the universe has to offer anyone, no matter who or what you like. Now, I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to leave the store."

(I'm reading dykes to watch out for and it's really good)

Debuting my Heterosexual Superhero comic:

"She is a woman... yet I am a MAN?!? Despite our differences, we fell in love. But now Lord Evil is trying to sex-segregate the entire world!! I must find a way to reunite with my beloved and save all the heteros!"

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