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just made a new account at @crlf

i don't know which of these accounts is the alt yet. time will tell.

if you like reading my stupid things, feel free to follow me over there too. if you don't like reading my stupid things, i can't blame you.

a blackmail scam email 

i just noticed some spam i got a couple weeks ago. it's just a bullshit threat about webcam footage that they allegedly captured while i was viewing an unspecified adult video site. this is impressive considering that i don't have a webcam and don't often watch porn.

what's interesting here is the subject line is one of my standard weak passwords that i use on web accounts that don't have any info worth securing. the first line of the email body says they know this is my password, but they don't say for what site or account. it's just a little spoonful of real info to make sure you're paying attention to the scam.

i have to admit, this kind of tactic is pretty scary. i can't guarantee i wouldn't have believed it if i had a webcam and a porn site account that happens to have that password.

today the rsa gods granted me a three-pair:
008 866

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what came first: manjaro logo or year zero art is resistance flag?

looks like year zero but not sure.

java is always a pain but it's a super pain when it's time to do an algorithm with many levels of intermediate structures and your choices are to make a million trivial classes or to work on a Map<LocalDate, List<List<List<List<LocalTime>>

saw a tiny rabbit on the evening walk today.

nothing else to report. that was the most important thing.

every time my dad brags about adding a new company to his boycott list for "participating in the culture war" i remember that time he stood in a chik-fil-a line for three hours to show support

fact: "copy of a" by NIN is about those email threads in the office where everyone passes an excel file back and forth without fixing the name so eventually it's just called "copy of copy of copy of copy of copy of your work shit.xlsx"

going into the artifact room on ror2: "fall damage is doubled and fatal."

me: oh. that's kind of scary in a stage with small platforms with big holes in them.

*steps on a jump pad, somehow overshoots the destination platform, and immediately dies*

me: that was predictable.

yesterday tried the new ror2 version with a couple friends and we were absolutely destroyed by the boss. tonight i tried again by myself and didn't have any problem.

maybe because i clear levels faster alone so the difficulty was lower, or maybe because this time i knew better than to rocket punch at him while he's doing the hammer dash at me like we're in an anime climax fight. probably the first one. i don't learn boss fights that fast.

spider friends 

in a rare event today i saw the spider friend in my right wing mirror emerge from its hideout. that is one fat spider. wing mirror is prime real estate.

haven't seen the left wing mirror friend in a while. there were a few weeks when there weren't new webs on the left window so maybe it passed on and has since been replaced. so it goes i guess. may it live fat and happy too.

the chainsaw man is fighting the bomb devil and it is badass


i am arguing with an aunt who claims that a jacob's ladder toy can be used to randomly decide problems. i am trying to show that the flipping of the blocks is entirely deterministic. my case is weakened by the fact that every time i show a block it has changed.


only remember one detail from last night's dream:

"there is one real number that results in undefined when multiplied by itself enough times. what is it?"

we strained our mind for dream-days trying to think of the answer. thought maybe it was zero but no that's division isn't it. was the question multiplication? it must have been multiplication.

eventually we remembered how multiplication works and were upset both at whoever posed the question and myself for wasting so much energy on it.

just made a new account at @crlf

i don't know which of these accounts is the alt yet. time will tell.

if you like reading my stupid things, feel free to follow me over there too. if you don't like reading my stupid things, i can't blame you.

actually wow all my old mod archives are dated 2010-08-09. must be something with the planets.

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i installed oblivion again for reasons i don't know. it's been ten years. people are still doing mods for this thing. i am impressed. this game is pretty once all of the original assets are replaced.

but i get bored of these old scrolls pretty fast so i'll probably give up by the end of the month and put it away for another ten years or so.


had a grapefruit on sunday. tried to eat it at the desk while watching something because i am not smart. still finding sticky spots in strange places like under the keyboard and behind the monitor.

how did the juice spray there? the world may never know.

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