when they said "repent, repent,"
I wonder what they meant

dammit I'm right at the lower edge of a tax bracket for state tax if I just made $2 less I could have saved $6.

filing taxes right before going to sleep was a bad idea. it's like programming dreams except worse.

actually that's not completely true. around ten years ago we pirated it and started the tutorial but in the shooting range we hit the wrong key and instead of toggling the rifle scope we accidentally threw the rifle into the range and couldn't continue the tutorial so we closed the game and never got around to it since.

which is a little sad to admit.

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finished dqxi. there's some endgame stuff to do yet but thinking of putting that on the back burner and do something else for a bit.

maybe deus ex. always meant to play it but never have.


long haired freaky people need not apply

they already work here

a stupid post about porn words 

wind blew open the storm door today and bent the closer. maybe landlord will fix it without giving shit.

ever since I moved apartments last year my internet has been cutting out randomly when torrenting. not sure if it's something with the new modem the ISP gave me or what, but it feels too consistent to be a coincidence. I never have problems when not torrenting but sometimes I'd disconnect even thirty seconds after starting the client and would have to restart the modem.

started using a vpn two weeks ago and everything has been fine since. funny how that works.

booze, the big questions 

i walked into the refrigerator. it is true what they say. refrigerators do not yield to pedestrians.


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