i disabled the onboard ethernet when i put the new card in. linux detected the new card but gave it a different interface name and flipped its shit that there wasn't a card for the original interface anymore. once i enabled the onboard again everything worked fine. :/

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the new ethernet card came and, fittingly enough, there is another thunderstorm out. but i'm sure the same thing won't happen again, *right*? i mean they do say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. they're wrong, but they do say that.

i am a bad driver. this world is insane for letting me have a drivers license and for making me use it on an almost daily basis.

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dream, drugs 

social phobias 

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social phobias 

is this how dates work? have i been doing it wrong all this time?

don't tip cows. cows don't know what to do with your money.

dream part 2 

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me: steam achievements are just useless rewards given out for consuming entertainment.

also me: oh no i can't play this game while my computer can't connect to the network. i might meet an achievement requirement and not get it.

also tested the server on the router port that the desktop was using. looks like the router port fried too. ouch.

i'm just lucky that the whole router and/or pc didn't die.

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using the same cable and router port that the server pc was using, desktop pc still can't connect. looks like we just fried the onboard network. never thought i'd say this but it kind of sucks to not have onboard wifi as a backup. guess it's time to order an ethernet card. :/

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less than five minutes after posting about the storm there was a lightning strike nearby. at first i thought it took the internet out but apparently what really happened is something broke in my ethernet. desktop pc isn't able to connect to the router at all. server pc (also on ethernet) and laptop (on wifi) are working fine. fucking computers.

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got back from grocery about a minute before the storm hit. looks like a good one so far too.


let's roll up to make a single star in the sky

well this congestion came on fast. tis the season for pseudoephedrine.

katamari was released on pc over a year ago and nobody told me

there are important things i must attend to

woke up thinking "don't touch my cheeses"

it seemed profound at the time

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