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I don't know which one of you made this so long ago, but thank you.

Don't forget to defeat the Elite Four 200 times to unlock Pikablu.

@vantablack at the time of this post, you have posted ~83k tootles. The instance currently has 2,173,303 tootles.

You are ~4% of this instance's activities.

Whenever emojos don't yet load, they are displayed as something similar to :|

I always think people are just really disappointed.


Nothing says "I'm home!" quite like three power strips, serially plugged.

Let's make a fake private school so we can camp an *.edu web domain and get all of the free science papers we want.

I've never been to the US south but I sure do use y'all.

It's a valid contraction.

Y'all happily be playing Animal Crossing but won't rent strike against the capitalist pig Thomas Nook.

I would appreciate it if the writers of the Earth reality show took a little break.

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