I feel like digging up a good ol' schoolyard argument:

@Lofenyy I'm in favor of the Genesis, mostly due to Outrun and the FM synth tunes. I don't have a taste for Sanic games.

@crash_override Have you heard the Robocop 3 theme on the C64? It makes me consider how much cooler the NES would have been if SID chip expansion cards were made for it...

@Lofenyy I actually do have a SID file collection on the SD2IEC disk, which can be listened to on the C64 itself using the SIDplay software.

Back in the day, there were PCI cards that would allow you to use SID chips on your PC. Not very many uses for it, but still cool.

After the c64 designers jumped ship for Atari, they used a Yamaha 2XXX series chip, which is a sound generator but not a synth. It's the same chip as in the Colecovision

@crash_override Nice! Though I'm curious how the Yamaha chip was. Yamaha made great synth chips.

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