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I've been dropping off voter registration papers off at my neighbors' doors. I hope that the shotgun approach gets at least a few people enrolled.

This week's animu has been brought to you by the local library:
-> Coyboy Beboy
-> Spice Woman
-> Matriarch Mononoke
-> Flying Pig Man

I once had not enough wall-warts.

Much like skin warts, I now have too many around.

Wow, one of the surge suppressor strips in my house actually went out.

Too bad most models don't kill power after end of life.

Around eight years ago, I was fortunate enough to find this as a Goodwill for $20, in frame and all.

Kimishima was once a Nintendo CEO.

The signature on the right is by Satoru Iwata.

I feel like digging up a good ol' schoolyard argument:

Back in 1999, I met :hacker_b: :hacker_i: :hacker_l: :hacker_l: :hacker_n: :hacker_y: :hacker_e: the Science Guy while he was firing model rockets at the park behind my school. I was jumping for joy, whatever he was feeling it was the exact opposite.

I was able to fire a few model rockets myself, but that guy was a fucking prick.

I, six years old, was very vexed that day.

Never meet your heroes.

The local radio station just went from trance to the Dire Dire Docks N64 theme.

Here in the US, I watch BBC news over the air without paying an aerial license.

Checkmate, Brits.

Man, I seem to be good at starting other people's debates (and even arguments) on IRC. All I want to do is have a friendly or technical discussion.

the future is:

If I try to neatly mount the TV antenna, it loses half the channels.

However, if I carelessly throw it behind the A/V cabinet it picks up everything quite well.

Perhaps a parallel-serial user port device that sends the data over to my PC with a serial port, and then test if the random numbers supplied are strong.

Using the expansion but would be trickier since you would be directly interacting with the system, but this method would allow for cycle-exact number reads.

Of course, this is all hypothetical. I'm feeling curious enough to try something out.

I would like to try and test if the SID chip is capable of providing cryptographically strong pseudo-random numbers. These numbers would have to be fetched 8 bits at a time:

Someone rang the doorbell. I looked through the window, and they definitely saw me and heard that I ran away to hide.

trivial knowledge of tenant law 

my computer is so underpowered that most xscreensaver demos have bad framerates.

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