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I find it strange that any example of engineering works at all.

I may have stayed up until dawn, but at least my computer boots without the input of GRUB commands.

Your preferred power supply type:

The ISP's fiber splice leading to my apartment is no longer feeding a consistent connection (AKA no light). Just what I needed while being in the middle of an Arch installation.

@trash I am just about to take on installing a full-encrypted disk (including /boot/) with :

I've done this a number of times before. The important thing is to double check your password hashes/salts, one bad paste can lock you out of the boot cycle until you hardware flash it. No getting cocky.

@melodicake @trash @fibonacci_reminder @transcaffeine

A new computer has been born!

No graphical GRUB menu for this model motherboard, but freedom is freedom.

I think I spent more time getting xorg running than I will spend flashing the BIOS chip.

hey y'all remember when I encoded the hit film Hackers (1995) in 8M? and how it was entirely unrecognizable, low resolution, low framerate, and had no audio?

well, since then, Mastodon has upped its media limit to 40M

so, I present to you: Hackers (1995) in 40M, with sound, at 24FPS and full resolution! encoded with state-of-the-art tools and codecs for your viewing pleasure

Now installing a minimal Parabola/arch installation, then I will flash the Libreboots without the inconvenience of the fresh slate of a LiveCD boot.

One snafu so far: the live distro I'm using turned of mmap, which means that the kernel does not allow direct writing to system EEPROM. I will have to burn the DVD-RW yet again.

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@melodicake @trash @fibonacci_reminder @transcaffeine

Dearest cyber denizens,

I am now beginning phase two of desktop: flashing the BIOS chips with Libreboot!

I will be performing a software flash. I chose this board because of its ease of installation. As fun as it is, I don't feel like breaking out the Beaglebone and jumper-wire the SPI pins to a chip-clip attached to the chip (as well as an ATX PSU to power the 3.3v lines).

Stay tuned!

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