the time has finally come for me to stop being an inkling

so about neural nets

does nobody know what an individual neuron looks like (like what its code is) or is that just something thats been somehow ommitted from every single class and presentation i had on the topic

neurodivergent people who are well-informed about their conditions are better qualified to diagnose fellow neurodivergent people than any neurotypical doctor, send toot

what if you bit into a candle and it had the texture of an apple

❌ no thanks πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ PCIe 🚫, the only express bus MY πŸ–₯ computer needs is operated by 🚎 King County Metro 🚌

before getting to any kinda content the average website will show me:

1) a cookie/privacy modal (even though most of them use one of the 4 big services so my choices should be synced imo)

2) a newsletter modal

3) notification popup

4) anti-adblocker message

5) a banner about their app and how i should use it

it's funny how the more I learn about and investigate gender, the more i learn it doesn't matter worth a damn, and it was just a social construct that got out of hand

Seasons greetings from the remote village of SvΓ₯rsvΓΈge, Norway!


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