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no image description 

i like this drawing a lot and made it the back side of my phone

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Pinafore screenshots, no image descriptions 

so just for fun here's what the Sam- and rio-inspired themes are looking like rn

screenshot of my own timeline, no image description 

aaand: the view from my phone

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screenshot of my own timeline, no image description 

my Pinafore style needs tweaks but it's on the way to looking p aesthetic if you ask me

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hey it's me, with ruffly hair! i don't think this will scan for y'all but i think it's cute so so i'm uploading it anyway

oh hey i drew a couple more pics of me a couple days ago and never uploaded them. i don't know how drawing bodies works but hey one of them is a full. Body shot!! wheeeee

i drew a cat with an approximation of my hair and glasses and aaaaa

screenshot of terminal input, no image description 

anyway when i said posting this thread was "inconvenient" here's what i meant. you may notice that i goofed the command at first lol

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photograph of a television in lieu of a proper screenshot 

can i have "extremely unsubtle color schemes" for $200?

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