DEBILITATION: Loud women are unlovable.

REHABILITATION: Loud women are unlovable unless they work it for Insta.

DEBILITATION: I don't listen to P.O.C.

REHABILITATION: I don't listen to P.O.C. unless they're active on Twitter.

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DEBILITATION: Trans women aren't women.

REHABILITATION: Trans women aren't women unless they're visible and invest in normative medical systems and gender establishments.

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Something I'm learning to pay more attention to (thanks to Puar) is the way in which DEBILITATION/REHABILITATION work together to extract labour from populations

first debilitating a population, then demanding labour from them in order to be rehabilitated

and I think contemporary social media in late capitalism is a prime example of this.

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So many people—especially queer people, POC, disabled folx, the poor—give free labour to social media (and its cousin, the dating app) in exchange for love and material resources (BOTH IMPORTANT) which abled straight white folks are granted by birthright. Capitalism takes these things from us, and then says « hey yo, if you work for this you can get some of it back ».

I don't use DEBILITY lightly—we're all depressed; we all lack medical care.

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It's zero secret that Twitter, Vine, Insta were built on the backs of P.O.C. labour. It's zero secret that Masto was built on the backs of queer labour. I'm not talking devving, I'm talking our participation in this space.

That LABOUR was predicated on the lack (or disenfranchisement) of communities and networks locally, on our being deprived normative systems of love and support, directing us into sites of labour where our WORK to find and speak to each other can be captured and commodified.

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This is the primary difference between queer public performance NOW (taking place on social media, YouTube, etc) and queer public performance taking place in the bars and secret places of the 80s and 90s. THAT performance was resistance IN SPITE of a normative, disciplinary system. Modern queer performance has been modulated to instead FUND and SUPPORT that very system, through controlled, “voluntary” labour in approved, capitalizable locations.

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Don't be content with this shit!! Don't be content with just having communities in these approved, exploitable spaces. Fuck, we need them, but at the same time we gotta work to build our OWN shit outside of them. Build communities in places where there ain't supposed to be communities. Bring queerness to places where there ain't supposed to be queerness. THIS IS LABOUR TOO. Watch yourself, they want you to burn out.

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Live life in places where you ain't supposed to be alive. I don't mean survive. I mean LIVE LIFE. Bring life. We have a shortage y'all. Help a comrade out.

I don't just push the arts for laughs, friends.

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@onethousandtwentyfour i know you don't get boost notifs (unless you've changed that lately but i doubt it) but it was very weird seeing this last part of the thread being boosted out of context

@onethousandtwentyfour i feel like rage against the machine probably isn't your thing but if you've ever heard Killing In The Name, the climax of that song but out of context is kind of an exaggerated version of what seeing that boost happen felt like

@copyleftie wait which part of this song is supposed to be the climax

@onethousandtwentyfour lolllll

did you finish it yet though
cause if you haven't i think you'll figure out what part i was talking about once it happens

@copyleftie no i heard the whole song and it was all at like the same volume and tempo pretty much the entire time

was it the fuck you part?? i'm only guessing this because it came at the end and included the words "fuck you"


@onethousandtwentyfour well what i was getting at is that seeing that post alone get boosted feels kind of like if you listened to Zack de la Rocha shouting "fuck you I won't do what you tell me" repeatedly but without hearing the parts about policing as an extension of white supremecy before it

@copyleftie honestly if more people phrased “fuck you” as “iʼm going to bring life” i would be a lot happier about the state of activism on the fediverse, even without the theoretical underpinnings which preceded it

@copyleftie like i donʼt care if we have an arts scene for the Right Reasons if we can just get an arts scene going for once lmao

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