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i know p much exactly how i'm gonna Program The Feature and i'm having a hard time convincing myself to convert the plan into code

honestly though almost every time someone says they're "using logic" or "being logical" or that they're "using reason" etc. etc. they're really using those words to describe an aesthetic of argumentation. i mean, they're certainly not using "logic" in the mathematical sense lol

when people insist in language change based on "reason" and "logic" they're just trying to make "regularity" sound more special than it is. i mean, every time, they just want to make language more regular

i dunno about the rest of ya but i'm just gonna stick with "errata"

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kinda serious question, if there's a book in the library of congress permanent colletion, doesn't that mean i can borrow it from my local library somehow, also how would i do that

p sure my gender is more complicated than "just girl" but im still girl

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if only one person ever commits to the repo, you cannot trust the commit log

why do people use visually busy desktop backgrounds. they distract from the things you'd want to be looking at

sonic x brings us tails in a tuxedo and that's very good

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