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I never did one of these and I told someone yesterday so here is an /

I'm Geoff. I have lived in parts of Texas, great lakes areas, and a new state.

I have a fine arts/nonprofit background but I write software now.

I'm interested in and will sometimes post about:

/ functional programming

dank shitposts

I joined in the winter/spring of 2017 and moved to after

I really want someone to wash my hair right now. That sounds like the best.

Someone needs to get back on the novelty sunglasses track, because these 1950s Paulette Guinet snake glasses are the ultimate (And they sold on eBay for close to $8000, yikes)


my stepdad got shrimp for his aquarium and they are cute imo

pocket pidge Cooper sends you all his love

[Img description: a pigeon poking its head out of the front pocket of a gray hoodie. It looks very snug.]

Longtime listener in the streets, first time caller in the sheets.

intellectual property nonse 

kinda gross and absurd??? 

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