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I never did one of these and I told someone yesterday so here is an /

I'm Geoff. I have lived in parts of Texas, great lakes areas, and a new state.

I have a fine arts/nonprofit background but I write software now.

I'm interested in and will sometimes post about:

/ functional programming

dank shitposts

I joined in the winter/spring of 2017 and moved to after

Siegfried says "there are no unskilled workers, only unvalued workers"

Hey friends, my birthday is coming up and I'd like to buy a new tablet for art. Unfortunately I make $8.5USD/hr working at a mall kiosk and most of my income goes towards paying down debt (a lot of it from college) and full price medication as I have no health insurance.

If you'd like to give me a little gift,

If you contribute, DM the email you used (or other proof) and I'll make you a drawing. :)

#art #transartist #queerartist

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the most anti-capitalist thing i've seen on this site is CJ walking away from the Toot Toad identity.

millions of marketing department goobers crying out in anguish about how branding that strong only comes once in a hundred years.

what a marvelous détournement that'd be, art d-eco. anti-luxury, degrown deco, with all the clean lines and New Deal public works evocation we know and love, but this time center----

i'm describing the Arts and Crafts Movement lmao

when the moon
hits your eye
you're too close
to the moon

im not saying that capital bends all human activity into twisted horrorscapes, but capital bends all human activity into twisted horrorscapes

wasps 👏 are 👏 pollinators 👏 too 👏

Boomer: things should be more like the good old days
Me: yes they should
Boomer: wait no not like that

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