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I never did one of these and I told someone yesterday so here is an /

I'm Geoff. I have lived in parts of Texas, great lakes areas, and a new state.

I have a fine arts/nonprofit background but I write software now.

I'm interested in and will sometimes post about:

/ functional programming

dank shitposts

I joined in the winter/spring of 2017 and moved to after

Hot Takes and the Go Off Queens live in concert this weekend only. Get your tickets now, folks.

How metal would it be for someone to have wasps and bees as familiars?

Negotiations closed last night. Strike vote goes up to the union today and Tuesday (holiday weekend). Strike is extremely likely.

The teachers are going to need that aid.

It’s unlikely that capitalism will end by anyone storming any kind of palace or government building. It will take a more general change in the way people organize themselves.

At its origins capitalism depends upon expropriation either from rival factions or from common assets. This takes the form of land grabs, “free trade” deals, wars and invasions or more general economic “restructuring” such as gentrification and elimination of public housing or services.

Any move away from capitalism will depend upon there being an effective counter-expropriation strategy, and that won’t be easy.

It's fucked up to me that I was made to sit in a classroom and be told that racism is bad "because it makes people do bad things", and that at no point during my primary or secondary education was there ever any mention of what the subjective experience of racism actually is, so that I had no vocabulary or context for my experience. I was left empty and wordless in front of something to which I had only been taught to reply "it is bad for you to do this to me"

trying to fave a cat pic and accidentally faving someones seriouspost about the complexities of their family dynamic is mastodon culture

:porky_happy: telling people to turn the lights off when they leave the room to prevent global warming
:porky_scared: holding the 100 companies that are responsible for 71% of global warming responsible

@medic go ahead~
here's the PNG files before resizing them if you want them for Quality Memes

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but seriously, somewhere between 2000 and 2019 the IT industry seamlessly transitioned from

"we provide precision engineering tools, your data is yours, you should not need to trust us or anyone, mathematics is your guarantee, crypto 4 ever. "


"give us your data. all of it. give. no secrets. hold nothing back. in return we will... train AIs on it.. and provide unspecified 'services'... for someone, who may be you... that can change at any time... and we are funded by, uh. Look, a unicorn!"

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of broken meat
Where the city sleeps
and I'm the only one whose dick don't work

this feels like any time capitalism tries to sell me on anything ever

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