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I never did one of these and I told someone yesterday so here is an /

I'm Geoff. I have lived in parts of Texas, great lakes areas, and a new state.

I have a fine arts/nonprofit background but I write software now.

I'm interested in and will sometimes post about:

/ functional programming

dank shitposts

I joined in the winter/spring of 2017 and moved to after

what does a world without cops mean? imagine waking up every day to serve your community instead of some rich dickhead living in a mansion in another city. thats what it means

expired: “looting”

inspired: “expropriating”

40% of cops abuse their families. killer cop's wife filed for divorce the second he was in protective custody. i am making an extrapolation from these two facts

When participating in social #protest, consider having your mobile devices switched off, in airplane mode or leave them at home to avoid being caught in dragnet-style #surveillance.

Keep them off on the complete journey before and after. If you must use your mobile, be diligent in your efforts to protect your #privacy:

- Encrypt your device
- Have it pin-locked
- Disable #biometric logons
- Disable #Bluetooth
- Disable location services

#GeorgeFloyd #Minnesota #uspol #Georgia #Michigan

i dont think people fully realize how much of a fucking colossal failure post-90s capitalist helmed space exploration has been

Hardware locking, capitalism 

Biting the hands that feed you takes a lot of energy that's why cats sleep so much.

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I moved the compost-in-place pile (that’s mulching this weedy, overgrown corner) further back to smother the grass around the bamboo. The rabbit litter pile also was moved to the left. Starting compost piles on weedy areas is a great way to save time and effort on heavy weeding (especially when I have other priorities) and having several piles around the garden saves trips to the compost. Also, look at the pink! I started spraying and taping pink onto the tools so I can find them.


US pol / shocking / birdsite link to footage 



it is a longstanding English tradition for bee keepers to inform their hives of any going-ons in the community, primarily births, deaths and Marriages.

This is thought to be a remnant from the Bronze age belief that bees could cross back and forth into the underworld and carry messages.

It was said if the bees were not kept informed they would leave, stop producing honey or all die.

If there was a death in the beekeepers family, the hives would be given black drapings for the mourning period.

fediblock, nazi enabler version 

"haha i'm white i guess i don't really have a culture" yes, we do, and it is deeply diseased. it is rotted, it is pestilent, it is metastatic, and its cornerstone, its very fundament, is exploitation

the "crossing" in Animal Crossing refers to the game's central mechanic, betrayal

remember the screaming cowboy in the sky? that happened tomorrow

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