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I never did one of these and I told someone yesterday so here is an /

I'm Geoff. I have lived in parts of Texas, great lakes areas, and a new state.

I have a fine arts/nonprofit background but I write software now.

I'm interested in and will sometimes post about:

/ functional programming

dank shitposts

I joined in the winter/spring of 2017 and moved to after

this just finished rendering at home so here's an animated UFO, from PLANET SLIME~

The widespread misperception that the climate crisis will cause things to spin out of control fails to see how the climate crisis will most definitely inspire unprecedented *increases* in control, at borders, in cities, as geoengineering projects, and in a million other forms.

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of production deploys

I'm increasingly of the opinion that the way forward for us is to build a dual-purpose Commons: one where our communities can freely partake and share and collaborate and learn and build each other up, while those who seek to profit on their own terms put cold hard cash down.

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thunder only happens when it's raining... gamers only love you when they're gaming...

a notification from snapchat
open the app
it’s from joe biden
open the snap
joe biden smiles and awkwardly stammers out: “I’m just chilling in cedar rapids”

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I took a shared Lyft to the airport. A security employee got in partway there, doing his best “fighting against Antifa with tactical gear” cosplay. Every time I glanced at his phone he was looking at pictures of anime girls. I swear that I’m not making this up.

Okay for every like this post gets, I'll tell you to stop liking this post, it's not very good.

garfiald: "The unmaking of the dialectic by reading shitposts

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