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i've caleld my baksetball draft team "the participants" but i'm taking suggestions

Cdn poli 

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i have this idea for a call-in hotline that's been in my brain for a while. should i slap together and host a freepbx in my house or should i fuck with twilio?

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the difference between twitter and mastodon is that on twitter people are engaging with idiots who think the Civil War was about "states' rights", whereas on mastodon we have a sophisticated debate over whether the loch ness monster has a high enough sperm count to impregnate me

friends i went out into the world for a morning without my phone on me and it was pretty nice

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i told my manager i'm going offline tonight but i'm not, heheheheh and she doesnt even kn ow


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in lieu of pay for an ad i did for my friend's bookstore, i requested "a boxful of books you think i'd like" be shipped to my office. i am open to suggestions though for authors or something

i was like yeah i'll have a nap but then i downloaded a dating app and fucked around with that for 2 and a half hours

i had 6 months to take out my dead plants and i just did it

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Hot take my dog is fucking adorable and awesome and if you disagree you're a bastard

@Canageek it is weird that winners is a canadian thing though

@Canageek @DialMforMara TJX owns both winners and TJ Maxx, so that would line up! Ross is more the clothes side, though

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