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Star Trek Discovery Poll 

So....who's the next captain gonna be? I know some of these don't make sense, but I feed on your anger;) :

- Pike?
- Spock?
- good-Lorca?
- someone we don't know?
- someone else from TOS we know?

#startrek #startrekdisco #startrekdiscovery

So I've been out of mastodon for a while but getting back into it as Twitter leads to depression and obsession. What's the best mobile way to use mastodon these days? I am using saved links to two instances but it seems to have cookie issues. Is there an app that surfaces all the customs stuff in an instance like cybre?

Just tried out the masto95 theme. Dude @chr you're messed up :) it's great.

So, do Mastodonians feel vindicated by Twitter going the full 280?

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Poll that I've asked on birdsite too:
I'd Halloween like Christmas for furries?
A) yes
B) yeeeeeees
C) yessssssssssss
D) no.

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Maybe this whole CBS all access thing will be worth it... spoilers 

I just paused watching episode of #Startrek #Discovery because someone said fuck!

fuck? really? they can say that?

oh man, I'm going to need a drink to deal with this one...oh look, I already have one.

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Just thinkin' about how has lots of uptime, is always on the latest version, @chr often tinkers and brings in features that make the user experience better (like bigger images in the timeline, the little pop-out symbol on timestamps), reports are dealt with promptly by @chr and @nightpool... is a good instance. :)


It just occurred to me that I should probably put the Patreon link here, in case anyone goes "hey that's a good and correct post!"

I'm back, I've been away so long, I don't they've upgraded the cyber brain plugs in the network. This is what it feel like to be old in CybersPaCe, two versions behind and holding a weird dongle.

I miss the days, a few weeks ago when I was so excited to come over to mastodon. It's funny how the euphoria of a new community passes even as I can see how clearly better it is than twitter. You're all still great. Maybe I need to stop twitter entirely again for a while.

Where have I been? Where am I ?
a = self.getLocation()

Oh, ok. That makes sense.

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"911, what's your emergency?"

"This guy…he just died, in my arms, tonight."

"He just 'died'?"

"Yeah… it must've been… something I said…"

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Ontario spring storms are so crazy, we just had a massive hail and rain shower for 10 minutes and now it's a completely blue sky sunset. I love it.⛈ ☀ ⛅ 😎

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@amnet If you've lived as a Borg it would be terrifying on a Fed ship. Everyone walks around imprisoned by the basic interface! Only authorised staff can hack the engines! There's not even a *compiler* in your basic phenotype!

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The most brutal encryption method known to our generation, utterly impossible for youngsters to crack
unrewinded VHS tapes

What's with Duolingo? Why is everyone in my feed talking about it? Does it grant wishes if you learn the language?

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Rule of Mastodition #23 

Don't be afraid of silence.

If you have nothing new to say, consider not saying anything.

The nature of the Fediverse is that everyone chooses and controls their content and their community. Some worlds are small and focused, others are glorious, cacophonous cities.

But a quiet instance with infrequent, quality discussion and content is better than a noisy stream of reposts.

We all know where to find that if we want it.

--- #Rule23 ---

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