Some people ask if decision tools will always allow human input by 2035, I think that's two questions in one.

@ROCKETLAZ It says something about how depressing the wprld is, and how overwhelming modern culture is, that I completely forgot yhere is a functional drone on mars taking pictures. This is the first I've seen from it since it's initial test.

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JPL released images today that were taken by Ingenuity, the helicopter that the Perseverance rover brought along to Mars.

They had it fly directly over where the backshell and parachute of the Entry-Descent-Landing system impacted the martian surface.

Even with that big parachute, it still smacked into the surface at somewhere around 480km/h [300mph].

This is absolutely amazing to see: actual, spent hardware on another planet, and I imagine we're going to get some good engineering we've never had before out of this as well.

(cracks knuckles over the "key-board", "how quant"...)

Agh, it's been a while. The Cybre is still alive and kicking I see. Glad to see it. So, uh...crazy world out there huh? Some of us have been spending too much time, ahem, you know where. We didn't like it, but we couldn't leave either.

Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants to do what you wanted to anyways. I heard space rockets and electric cars work by the same principle. Anyways, we'll see if it sticks this time.

I post on the other place with the same id. Looking forward to reconnecting here.

Uh...where did the columns go hackers? Yes, it's been a while...

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Dearest Jessica,
I killed a man yesterday. Not that I haven't done it before, but this man had not wronged me or attacked me, at least not yet. He was the former associate of the band of adventurers I ran into after (ruin town) and it was helpful to attack him to gain their trust. Once the battle started a Green Dragon had demanded we all kill this man to feed him or else become a meal ourselves.

#tootfic #microfiction #nanotootmo #scraydenfic

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Final stage of The Great Galactic Scowlathon! #QuarksPolls 

It's been a long road...

...sorry! Thank you for your patience my wonderful customers, I was unavoidably delayed. Can you believe the Breen were holding me hostage on trumped up charges of smiggling Andorian Rye Wine through the badlands?

Me! Outrageous. Anyways...

The wait is over, the final stage of The Great Galactic Scowlathon is here!

See competition up to now at:


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The Great Galactic Scowlathon!

Round 2 or 4, quarterfinals:

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Round 1 of 4, quarterfinals.

@eoanblack Do you mean like when you're randomly sampling and search for solutions? Or do you mean entire algorithms and experimental results?

gawd I haven't jacked in in ages...does the cybrenetrix still exist? It's so comforting to know it's still here.

On technology and war 

This is a very interesting development at Microsoft. It seems like it could be an even harder discussion than the ones happening at Google. Is it an inherent property of working in the tech industry in the USA (or academia for that matter) that your work could some day be used for war? Obviously it could be done without your company's help, or anywhere else in the world. But the tight connection between the military and economy in US makes it so much more direct.

@alatitude77 I was against this based on the title, but reading halfway through so far, he has some good points. I would reject the idea that a machine could NEVER be creative, we are ourselves just machines in a sense. But based on current existing and even reasonably dreamed of technology there is no reason to use the word "art" to describe the output of an AI/ML algorithm. Art does require the ability to comment on and be part of culture.

@hierarchon wrong post, I was "wow"ing the list of custom emojis' for this isntance, didn't see that before.

If you were going to use Artificial Intelligence to save the planet what would you do?

@brianna can't you just pick a arbitrary dictionary and declare the referee?

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