Uh...where did the columns go hackers? Yes, it's been a while...

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Dearest Jessica,
I killed a man yesterday. Not that I haven't done it before, but this man had not wronged me or attacked me, at least not yet. He was the former associate of the band of adventurers I ran into after (ruin town) and it was helpful to attack him to gain their trust. Once the battle started a Green Dragon had demanded we all kill this man to feed him or else become a meal ourselves.

#tootfic #microfiction #nanotootmo #scraydenfic

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Final stage of The Great Galactic Scowlathon! #QuarksPolls 

It's been a long road...

...sorry! Thank you for your patience my wonderful customers, I was unavoidably delayed. Can you believe the Breen were holding me hostage on trumped up charges of smiggling Andorian Rye Wine through the badlands?

Me! Outrageous. Anyways...

The wait is over, the final stage of The Great Galactic Scowlathon is here!

See competition up to now at:


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The Great Galactic Scowlathon!

Round 2 or 4, quarterfinals:

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Round 1 of 4, quarterfinals.

gawd I haven't jacked in in ages...does the cybrenetrix still exist? It's so comforting to know it's still here.

On technology and war 

This is a very interesting development at Microsoft. It seems like it could be an even harder discussion than the ones happening at Google. Is it an inherent property of working in the tech industry in the USA (or academia for that matter) that your work could some day be used for war? Obviously it could be done without your company's help, or anywhere else in the world. But the tight connection between the military and economy in US makes it so much more direct.

If you were going to use Artificial Intelligence to save the planet what would you do?

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Doctor Who Episode 2 : oh my time ankle.. 

Sooo...Whatyarekon? Best second episode or not?

Ok, it's not vampires of Venice but I louuuved it. More because of the right points being hit:
- the companions found their first moment of helping the doctor not give up
- new series mystery is emerging
- TARDIS appeared
- bigger on the inside moment
- you've redecorated moment

- he called her Doc once, just...no
- no


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Doctor Who First Episode Trailer Feels... 

Since (a) Twitter is horrible and (B) I hate when people reveal spoilers, I've decided to do all my Doctor Who reacting here on Masto.

Did you watch the new trailer for the first episode? youtu.be/L6QRnULIjv4

I wasn't sure I would but I just rewatched the last series finale, then the new season trailers, then I just couldn't resist.

It did not dissapoint. And it's not too spoilery.

Conclusion: it's going to be brilliant.

#ItsAboutTime #DoctorWho

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I see there's another round of #introductions going on!
I have a #machinelearning humor blog at aiweirdness.com where I train #neuralnetworks for comedic effect. It's gotten me thinking about how #AI interacts with our world and #scifi - hopefully I'll be writing more about this in the future!

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If you're looking to #deletefacebook maybe check out #Hubzilla. Its a decentralized alternative with tons of features. Events, groups (called Forums), fine-grained privacy settings, and even a CMS, wiki engine, and file storage.

It could definitely use some frontend work and UX improvements. But it's a really powerful system. And, unlike #Mastodon, you don't have to stress about picking your first hub because it allows channel migration!


I haven't been on cybre in a while :crt_w_blue_screen: But the Twitter is shredding my soul :crt_w_noise: so I need to spend less time there.

But Facebook, wow, are they imploding entirely? What do cybres all think? :crt_w_prompt:

Also, is there an instance yet where everyone is just represented by their cryptokitty? If not, why not?

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Rule of Mastodition #99 

Never be afraid to start over. Sometimes a new setting can make a galaxy of difference.


<open connection>
ping....still alive = TRUE
<close connection>

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Rule of Mastodition #27 

Is mastodon.social down again? Waiting for something just because it seems the most official doesn't lead to profit, or new friends.

Stop waiting, pick another instance and pitch in to their Patreon.


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Star Trek Discovery Poll 

So....who's the next captain gonna be? I know some of these don't make sense, but I feed on your anger;) :

- Pike?
- Spock?
- good-Lorca?
- someone we don't know?
- someone else from TOS we know?

#startrek #startrekdisco #startrekdiscovery

So I've been out of mastodon for a while but getting back into it as Twitter leads to depression and obsession. What's the best mobile way to use mastodon these days? I am using saved links to two instances but it seems to have cookie issues. Is there an app that surfaces all the customs stuff in an instance like cybre?

Just tried out the masto95 theme. Dude @chr you're messed up :) it's great.

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