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With some upstream contributions to #KDE Craft, Hannah & Domme made it possible to build the #ownCloud Client in a #docker container.

Learn how you can use their effort: #OpenSource

What a great comic about my hate for social media.

Yes, it's ironic that I share it here.
No, it's not ironic that I share it here.

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"why wont any girls hit on me?" I ask as I string razorwire around the exterior of my squat windowless home on its defensible ridge.

"why doesn't anyone think i'm sexy?" i ponder as i smash every mirror and camera in the house and appear only as a shimmering apparition to the living

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@mirzaba @matilde Ths song isn't fucking punk at all and doesn't have any lyrics but it's 3 AM and I'm all out of hallucinogens, sorry Jello Biafra.

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#Photography #Music
The Women of Post-Punk and Goth
'...We think everyday is a day to acknowledge our heroes in the post-punk and goth music scene that just so happen to be women. These ladies are not only brilliant musicians and artists, but also cultural pioneers...'

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"Habe seit 15 Jahren keinen Cent mehr Lohn bekommen: Bahnfahrer schimpfen über Streik"

Würd ja sagen - dann liegt das Problem nicht bei den DB-Leuten, sondern bei deinem Chef.
Nach Inflationsrechner ist das übrigens effektiv eine Lohnsenkung von fast 20% in den 15 Jahren.
So kann man sich halt auch verarschen lassen.

How do people without an adblocker survive the Internet...

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What I REALLY want is a map of areas of major corporate influences across North America.

... er, I mean, for #Shadowrun not uh. Not real life. It's a little awkward I need to specify that.

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To connect LDAP to ownCloud, you need to find out which users/group configurations you need.
Join our #Webinar today to learn how to make #LDAP work with #ownCloud – 4:30 PM CET.

"my name is jaiden smith"

- jaiden smith

The most unlikely thing about is how the Matrix is not ripping apart consciousness after consciousness through bugs... How is a persona surviving a simple UI bug because of missing parentheses?

Or the suites have really improved since 2018, and people are even using them, lol

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wow did you guys know that it's possible to log off mastodon? I had no idea!

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This whole #Tumblr debacle just goes to show that AI led community moderation is not only a failure but a dangerous one at that.

It would seem that the premise of AI as sold to the general public through mass media is far off into the future and certainly not ready to be making decisions on the behalf of humans,

The problem goes further than Tumblr, various governments are beginning to clamp down on social media with the UK having recently made demands that automation be put in place to take down content that is inappropriate citing child safety as the moral panic of choice to get the public on side.

Moderators should be thought of as akin to doctors in the real world. In the UK for example there are on average 2.8 doctors for every 1000 people; how many moderators do you think organisations such as Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook have for every 1000 accounts? This is why automation is "key" to their moderating at a cost that enabled their service to be "free."

Nobody want to pay for their social media do they?

Arguably the Fediverse is a solution to this, with many instances with 10K or less active users, they can often keep the moderators per 1000 users within an acceptable range.

However moderation isn't free and in the case of the Fediverse it is entirely donated time kindly given up by volunteers. As instances grow, there may become a point when we have to take a strong look at ourselves and maybe begin crowd funding the Fediverse to keep it a pleasant place to be social within.
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"Bei einem Unfall in New Jersey hat ein Roboter in einem Lagerhaus von Amazon Behältnisse von Bärenabwehr-Spray aufgerissen. Dabei entwich das Spray und verletzte 24 Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens so schwer, dass sie im Krankenhaus behandelt werden mussten."

Sowas würde sich auch kein Autor ausdenken...

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RT Ladies, if he:

- is insecure
- can be easily manipulated
- doesn't have a private key
- uses port 80

He's not your man, he's plaintext


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