@gargron @Jewbacchus as with , the first ones they go after will be and , and then we will have a jurisdiction about it for everyone else to comply to...

@gargron @Jewbacchus depends on the national implementation, and what the judges say about this, I think. Mastodon is probably small enough to keep doing this first.

@gargron I have heard, that only commercial platforms with more than 50k users fall under the copyright directive's definition of 'platform'... so you might have a chance. But you will probably have to ask a lawyer :/ And let's wait for the national implementation first.

Maybe this means that the Internet as we know it will only keep existing on non-commercial and decentralized services from now on.

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Setting up #2FA to work with mobile and desktop clients is easy as soon as you know what to do.

This guide shows you the necessary steps to set it up with #OAuth2:


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To which #OpenSource projects do you contribute?

Here are some of the recent projects ownClouders contribute to: owncloud.org/news/owncloud-con

I wrote down a wraps recipe - and a small guide on how to start a community kitchen:


Guten Appetit!

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That guy who went through scarcity in his childhood and became so greedy with his food that he modded himself to be immune to certain poisons and poisons his food on purpose so his roomies won't steal his food from the fridge.

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Great. Google have added a level of bureaucracy to their OAuth, requiring apps be verified before people can grant access to their accounts.

Since I missed the initial notice this was happening, and the verification process can take *weeks*, the #mailpile credentials may be disabled. Nobody will be able to download their mail for who knows how long.

Nothing anti-competitive to see here, this is fine. Just use the official Google apps, you'll have fewer problems.

In the name of security... 😞

Man kann hier nicht mehr von einem Rechtsstaat sprechen - das ist politische Willkürjustiz. Hier soll eine Bewegung mundtot gemacht werden.


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Wieder ein Beispiel aus der "Wer nichts zu verbergen hat, hat nichts zu befürchten."-Schublade.


Übrigens, es gibt Staaten die genauso argumentieren. Das sind totalitäre Staaten.
Wir sind offenbar auf dem besten Weg dahin.


I can't even login to my work account without solving a captcha. I am not able to work without executing proprietary javascript on my computer.

@nedelne_rano @rysiek

nothing to add :)

except that picking your own way is the reason for specifications like : open standards ensure that all the own ways are still compatible at the end of the day. That's why it's important that mail developers talk to each other and find an agreement on how to make E-Mail encryption convenient, and how to keep the threshold low.

But yeah :D

@nedelne_rano @rysiek

1. That's why the spec recommends different keys per account: autocrypt.org/level1.html#hand
That's the better way to protect identities anyway.

2. The idea is to turn it on once the other problems are solved. Right now some users are uninstalling PGP because it gets in their way, and they stay frustrated. Autocrypt aims to respect that.

@nedelne_rano @rysiek

True :) should be easy, in the areas in which the approaches overlap.

@nedelne_rano @rysiek

Hm, good points. But:

1. What do intelligence agencies even want from a public key other than the E-Mail address? and they already have that from the From header.
2. Unconsensual encryption is exactly that: unconsensual. If one doesn't have encryption enabled, why override this decision? as long as full text search and private key distribution are not straightforward, there needs to be the option to disable crypto.
There are Autocrypt MUAs which enable encryption by default though.

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gonna reread Xenofeminism and post some commentary after each section. following posts will be threaded to this one and be CWd with the subsection follow along if you are interested:


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