i like the urban exploring guy on youtube who frames every shot as him walking from the background towards the camera so he has to walk everything twice to get the shot

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remember when EA's slogan was "challenge everything"

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i want to go to a restaurant with friends

ashley relayed

he deleted all his old posts. his bio lists they before he/him. he has a karl marx twitter banner. HE FOLLOWS DSA QUEER SOCIALISTS OF NORTH TEXAS.

oh, i can fill in the plot here.

oh damn this guy who was an asshole last year now has SUPER GOOD TAKES on twitter. character development.

the audience for these posts is 1 and it's me

now i am the q and not u

done from memory first and then by ear, didn't think i'd get so close

this took me like a day to learn

my practice so far has been:
an hour or so today
just idly practicing yesterday while watching they live

i'm doing it on this lock because the practice lock is, well,

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