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hey, do you need to contact me?

here's where you can do it:
- discord: commie#0420
- xmpp:
- telegram:
- facebook: hit me up for this
- twitter: @covoxkid

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it's been a while, so if you don't know, i've got an uplink mod that makes small quality-of-life modifications which you can download over here:

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Honestly, I'm so adorable, and make great posts

Why am I not getting paid for this

the youtube channel extractions&ire is the only chemistry youtuber you need. a sarcastic australian man makes explosives in his parents' shed with the cheapest equipment and frequent accidents

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oh shit it's almost time for another till death do us blart

are we there yet posting 

are we there yet posting 

are we there yet posting 

are we there yet posting 

the girl turned on the radio and hamsterdance was playing

nick persons (ice cube) has just been "friend zoned"

i put on are we there yet? starring ice cube for background noise during eu4 and i cant take my eyes off it. i'm not even high it's just so strange.

i got a wireless switch to control my lamp in my room from my bed and it feels so lazy and it's so so good

i met someone on tinder and asked her to play civ v with me these are the kind of dates im interested in

i signed up for a coffee subscription service because im basic and white

i haven't seen that movie in years but i remember what it looked like because i wanted to eat it

this nail polish looks like the liquid rocket fuel paste from October Sky

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