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hey, do you need to contact me?

here's where you can do it:
- discord: commie#0420
- xmpp:
- telegram:
- facebook: hit me up for this
- twitter: @covoxkid

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it's been a while, so if you don't know, i've got an uplink mod that makes small quality-of-life modifications which you can download over here:


i hope my boss never finds out how much of my billed time i spend making and eating food

just woke up and panicked because i thought it was 5pm and i wildly overslept

back to sleep for me

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the wick in this candle got buried under wax so i just used a folded up chopstick wrapper as a new wick and it works great actually


i'm planning out a desktop computer build to make when i save up the money and i feel like i'm seven years old again poking through a computer catalog and circling the things that looked neat

sometimes i wake up and take a caffeine pill and then go back to sleep for a half hour or so just so when i'm ready to get up it'll have hit

friends, rejection is hard. please don't make a callout post about me because i didn't want to date you. a month ago.

someone made a callout post about me because they still havent gotten over me turning them down a month ago wtf

ashley relayed

"If can't handle me at my canon; you don't deserve me at my fanart"

today she referenced a big bang theory episode

it's great i love her

after about four months of seeing her i have figured out that my therapist is 100% a redditor

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boss: how's it going
me: *dancing in my chair to kanye* i'm vibin'

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well if charli's the overwatch gay i guess i have to get animal crossing new horizons then, huh


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