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software inc is a fun game that i keep saying i should stream

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ok i should probably go home for easter now...

the idea of commentary for the mbmbam tv show sounds great but i forgot that their producer is kinda a jerk and isn't particularly funny

hi i have to figure out the most polite way to ask my roommate to please go home for ~ten days at the end of the semester since i need the apartment

*vibrates* girls girls girls girls girls girls

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why is the moldovan flag a sideways pan flag

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so my water company just ate £126.08 of my money when i get paid £200 to live off each month

i cant afford food, electric, internet, and tax this month and this means i have to decide if i wanna starve, have no power, or got to jail!

it'd help a lot if anyone can spare some money or buy me sth off my food wishlist thank u. picture of star included as thanks also.

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boost and kat and boost and kat and boost and kat an-

is water/ice the only inorganic substance found in nature that can freeze in surface temperatures? like are there any other minerals that can melt other than ice?

sometimes i'll try something new on guitar and find i'm already pretty good at it and that probably means i should've moved on to it ages ago but i like that feeling anyways

cleaned the apartment since i have company coming over

oh no

i'm turning into my mother

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