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successfully pretending i never posted on the facepunch forums until accidentally outing myself by using the word "smarked"

how are there over a thousand emotes on something awful. like a thousand real individual emotes that human beings made for a joke.

constantly doing trash on monday holidays before realizing it's a day late

"waterfalls" by bag raiders would be right at home on jonathan coulton's solid state

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jazz is that one musical genre that everyone thinks they should like, but no one actually does

somebody i'm not out to: i guess it's a guy thing
me: haha yeah
me, in my mind: you dont even know how wrong you are

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- tall
- fast-growing
- smooth skin
- change fashion seasonally
- cottonlike hair
- frequently reproduce by forming clonal colonies

- not a tree at all actually
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i also enjoy "stop screaming! it's just what the bomb wants us to do" which is a reference to the first futurama movie

holy shit

the fucking werewolf asso song title "keep my address to yourself, cause we need secrets" is a reference to "gold soundz" by pavement of all things

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how do i have nearly 1000 entries in keepass

honestly a little disappointed this trans guy i know hasn't seen through my disguise. maybe im more stealthy than i think.

how come i can't boost my own followers-only posts

my phone now buzzes twice whenever tusky checks for notifications with two accounts,

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