is this math rock? will i finally figure out what math rock is?

i'm *almost* confident that it's post-punk but not enough to say it is

i have been trying to figure out what genre this is for a half hour. it reminds me of another band but i can't figure out which one. please assist.

i love the pinavia interchange because it is a man trying to sell his half-baked patented highway interchange but only succeeding in interesting aesthetically-minded cities skylines players

7pm: i'm tired, i think i'm going to go to sleep early
7am: still awake, spend all night reading about traffic and musical genres on wikipedia

why are there so many detailed wikipedia pages about trains

one of the worst things is trying to help someone navigate any sort of gui over their shoulder when they're controlling the mouse

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trying to explain to game devs the concept of "show don't tell"

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teamviewer has chat but how are you supposed to use it without grabbing the mouse from them. like a wrestling match to get to the chat box.

watching someone use unity through team viewer on the computer i was working on before and they tried to set the resolution to 16:10 but accidentally made it 16 pixels by 10 pixels

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im hyped for imperator rome. did i post this already? well im still hyped.

you know what they say: a ship in port gathers no moss

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