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i got a scroll calendar from a sushi place for free yesterday and my friend just got one from a chinese restaurant like an hour away. is there a scroll calendar conspiracy afoot?

i can't believe how badly lit this shot from paul blart mall cop 2

this isn't a dig at people who collect lps. i really wanted to buy it despite these very good reasons

i almost bought an lp today until i remembered that i don't listen to physical music, collect physical music, or even own a record player

unfortunately, my latest discord username "i laminated a dog" was upstaged by my friend's new username "king k juul"

no it's a completely unrelated song titled "don't fuck with my money"

did mystery skulls just cover penguin prison

new eu4 dlc is mostly negative on steam? is it bad?

nope! people are just angry that the game has additional optional content that they don't get for free.

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kc green is somewhere in western massachusetts and i will track him down and i will get him to sign my copy of graveyard quest

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ok but i'll definitely watch the playmobil movie anyways

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not shown in this picture: i had to wrap every individual coin in the loose change he had on his desk

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who here can cause a rumbling sound in their ear but only the right one. hands up

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