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hey, do you need to contact me?

here's where you can do it:
- discord: commie#0420
- xmpp:
- telegram:
- facebook: hit me up for this
- twitter: @covoxkid

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it's been a while, so if you don't know, i've got an uplink mod that makes small quality-of-life modifications which you can download over here:

buying random synth chips on ebay to fuck with them

my girlfriend described my youtube taste as "the youtube version of how it's made"

hrt, request 

anyone know any sources for getting grey-market hormones? asking for a friend (for real though)

built a chonky new computer boi, but since this was a quick build to replace my soon to die laptop, i had to make some cuts, which means
- only 16gb of ram
- just used the hard drives from my laptop. so windows is not activated.
- can't afford the graphics card i wanted yet, so using a used gt 710 (very garbage) as a placeholder, since it's dirt cheap and i don't care about just throwing it out when i get a new one

i'm starting to have people try to sell things to me specifically through my work email, and i don't know how they got it or why i think i'm the person to talk to about it consulting here

it's monday and i severely fucked up my voice during karaoke on friday and it is just now recovering

also i went to ANE and it was a jam.

lifehack: date a girl who's friends with the karaoke night host and you can sing whatever the fuck you want


also we might hippieflip sat night just to complete the experience

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hello i went to anthro new england today we're gonna go back tomorrow it's nice

the sonic movie was definitely written by committee

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we just walked into the theater holding a bag of panera

tfw you have to convert a project to the latest version of unity from... unity 4.2.0. seven years of unity versions ago.

well first you need to debug your h264 decoder library so you log all the bits passing between the rtsp library and the h264 library to its own file

and then you write a program to play back that file to find memory leaks

and you add a viewer with some outdated opengl so you can find out why half the frame isn't decoding properly

and then you write a transmuxer using libav to see if the problem is on the rtsp end or the decoding end (it's the decoder)

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