@columbidae I just finished listening to Red Menace's episode for "On Contradiction", what a timely and good meme

That's such a good podcast! And a really good read. Mao is better than any other major figure I've read at distilling complex concepts in simple language.

I really need to get back into listening to my podcasts lol

@columbidae Mao is so good. Probably my favorite writer when it comes to theory. Lenin and Marx are funny but Marx is verbose and Lenin's writing is clunky and awkward (could be the translations but idk), Mao is straightforward

I agree tbh. Stalin is pretty easy to read too, but most of what he writes is restating what others have already said, and he has a lot less flair than Lenin in terms of tone

@columbidae I haven't read much Stalin tbh, I've meant to but never got around to it. Still working my way through State and Rev for the second time and Imperialism for the first, tbh lmao

@columbidae This is one of those things that should be reposted every single day until people stop bashing socialist countries.

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