pics from trip to wales 

explored some trains/forests/beaches/villages/arcades/etc with the coolest ppl this weekend

Last day for Plaintext Distro zine orders, if you'd like some small publications on tech, sci-fi, hobbyist game-making and anticapitalism in the mail! I'll be turning orders off sometime tomorrow. (August 1st)

We already sold out of a few things! Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far

Unfortunate Plaintext Distro Change of Plans:

Short notice, but since my partner who I live with has tested positive for COVID, and since we've mostly been in the same places doing the same things for the past week, I decided it's probably wise to act as if I'm potentially contagious as well for the next few days. Unfortunately this means I don't feel great about the prospect of sitting in a hall full of people on Sunday, and have called off the in-person table at GZF.

HOWEVER! I will be dropping off a selection of our new zines to be available at the communal zine table over both days of the festival tomorrow, AND I have re-enabled the online shop on the website for the month of July. Hopefully this will help get most of the latest print order out there, since this stuff is really cool and it's sad for me to think of them languishing in a box in my apartment for months and months before anyone can read them.

GZF info:

Thank you!!

selfy/ec, flat pack furniture 

put together a little cabinet for my anime figures today, lo

The print order came in today! I still have to cut and fold the minis, and I also found a cache of... let me call them rare festival exclusives that will also be appearing at the table. I will come up with some way to send out the leftovers after the event as well.

Plaintext site:

GZF Info:

We will be there on Sunday, July 3rd!

Come see Plaintext Distro's work, and pick up a few of our zines, at the Glasgow Zine Festival! We will be tabling in-person on Sunday, July 3rd.

The new zines we'll have on offer have been added to our homepage:

Additional information on the venue, a full list of tables, and related events can be found on the GZF website:

Zine preview! (sexy implied?) 

cover I threw together today for the sci-fi/erotica-ish zine I'm preparing for the new batch of plaintext releases! It's the first chapter of a new novella I'm working on.

em goes for walks 

the bluebell carpet in pollok park is formidable

Domino III Awards Ceremony was tonight so I can reveal my game this time: Vault 819, Underground!

🕳️ 🕳️

👊 💥 It was given THE ANDREW SHANNON AWARD for destruction of art in service of a higher purpose (award graphics by dino) 💥 👊

I wrote a short postmortem about it here:

⚰️ ⚰️

Thank you to @candle for making the tape window system and adding a few extra features for me, and fotocopiadora for the music:

Amazingly fluffy lichen from today's Pollok Country Park stroll

nanowrimo thoughtz, music 

I also made an old school 3x3 of albums I've been listening to while writing/jacking the vibes of bc I was a bit too embarrassed with what I wrote yesterday to post an excerpt on my accountability priv. Titles in alt-text.

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nanowrimo thoughtz 

sooo this month I've been a little quiet bc I've been working on my alien invasion/body snatcher novel concept in the vein of ie low-sci-sci-fi (liquid sky/repo man/dark star etc) but the primary focus being a sort of sympathy and tenderness towards the aliens as well. It's also set in my fantastically boring hometown...

Aliens and Anorexia if the alienation was real is probably an oversell, but I hope there's some thematic overlap, I've also been thinking about the Izumi Suzuki story about the woman who has an alien lover who is just kind of a cad and scumbag a lot, though the aliens here are not that bad.

Anyways, I started the month with around 12k in notes so set my ultimate goal at 60k, because I just passed 50k over the weekend and have a few chapters left. I so rarely complete long stories like this it'll be interesting to have a draft that at least goes all the way through.Then I'll do a round of revisions and maybe let another human being look at it, lol.

plant update 

The Christmas cactus has started to bloom again!! It seems to have gotten livelier since I tried some rabbit fertilizer I got off Etsy on it. Interestingly the flowers seem a little ruched/ruffled this time around? Not sure what it means. But it's always nice to see the flowers this time of year

game promo post ft. languauge, sexual references, RPGMaker violence 

I can reveal now that my submission to this round of Domino Club was 10,000 SEX ARSES STUCK AT CALAIS a five minute RPGMaker MV game that was given the METTATON AWARD for beautiful robot suffering existence... thank you to all domino clubbies for a great jam, play the other games too.


I know i've been quiet on here (frankly, not too much interesting has been happening beyond working on my own projects and having a day job) but this is what I'm looking like now a days

I believe I have played through and got all the endings for Mirrors, a really unusual PC-88 visual novel that recently got a translation patch. It's probably around 15 hours or so to get them all, making it a pretty long game for the time. I recommend it a lot, especially for the interesting ways it stretches the graphical and audio capabilities of the time! Link:

I was told I won a custom frame with one of their original riso prints in from the Glasgow Zine Library fundraising raffle. The package was wrapped up so I didn't know what the print was until getting home... 👼

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