Unfortunate Plaintext Distro Change of Plans:

Short notice, but since my partner who I live with has tested positive for COVID, and since we've mostly been in the same places doing the same things for the past week, I decided it's probably wise to act as if I'm potentially contagious as well for the next few days. Unfortunately this means I don't feel great about the prospect of sitting in a hall full of people on Sunday, and have called off the in-person table at GZF.

HOWEVER! I will be dropping off a selection of our new zines to be available at the communal zine table over both days of the festival tomorrow, AND I have re-enabled the online shop on the website for the month of July. Hopefully this will help get most of the latest print order out there, since this stuff is really cool and it's sad for me to think of them languishing in a box in my apartment for months and months before anyone can read them.

GZF info:

Thank you!!

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Day 2 of GZF! Hopefully there are still some of the zines left on the communal table, but if they're out or you can't be there in person, we still have at least one of everything in the online store left... for now!!

Halfway through the month and we still have everything in stock, but some of the newer zines only have a few left! Please check it out, we're about halfway to breaking even despite not being able to attend the festival :'>

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