found a UK supplier for the Suehiro Mauro reprint! they don't have it YET but it should be available soon, so like... you don't have to pay for shipping that bumps it up to nearly £50

also just finally gave up and got the copy of The Poe Clan from the regular comic shop today

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@coleoptera ooh i really want that... i’ve only read the scans

@em the new fantagraphics edition is a bit pricy but BEAUTIFUL and I think it's just going to be two large volumes so not too much to collect either

@coleoptera ghhh i shouldn’t buy stuff i’ve already read but... i want it.......

@em yeahhh some things I do end up buying just because I know I'll want to read it again a few times, or even just look at the art because it's inspiring

@coleoptera yeah. i bought all of Akira uhh last year? and it’s so nice just to have it... sometimes i just wanna flip through and read a scene bc it popped into my mind

@em oh man that is another one I want to get eventually... SIGH

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