It is SO frustrating to me that critique of high vs low culture manifests mainly as protect netflix specials/MCU movies from criticism at ALL COSTS and not like.... pay attention to things made outside both the fine art system and entertainment industry

someone made a point about how commercially successful pop stars, especially the "arty" ones, suck up anything innovative or interesting that other people are doing with sampling or visual aesthetic, killing the chances of those people being successful in their own right and this is also what a lot of entertainment industry stuff does broadly, they suck up the trappings of artistry or sophistication that suit them to prop up middling work with a budget in the millions.


"indie games" are the unpaid R&D wing of AAA and some people feel flattered by this

when people pillory a woman for making a dating sim or having a romantic element in a game where a character behaves "problematically" it's as if-- what? If one indie game doesn't have the totally formulaic and comfy-twee relationships in it, the next fucking Dragon Age or Mass Effect won't let you fuck whoever in the most dull way possible? It'll be bad representation? that's not their responsibility, but I feel like there's this silent assumption all dating sims are made to iterate on fucking bioware shit

the point is, those games only vaguely know their ass from their elbow in terms of how to make a dating sim because they're extractive of actually interesting work, mostly by women, mostly making dating sims, and yet there are sooooo many goofy academics who talk about these games without this context at all, as if they just emerged from the void as the first games where you can date someone.

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