LOW TECH WEBRING... cutoff to be in the first batch of sites I add is JANUARY 5TH!! Then every few months or so I will do another batch so I update on a regular schedule rather than in bits and pieces. If you have an HTML based homepage or similar with a focus on small games and web 1.0 creativity, let me know your URL and how you would like to be listed! The banner will look like this and I will send you the code to add to your site sometime in January.

Going to add a rule to this just in case that to be included in the webring your front page should be free of any material that would have to be under an 18+ warning and if there is that material elsewhere on the site it should be clearly labeled. And of course no hate speech related content though on mastodon hopefully I don't have to make that distinction!

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@coleoptera Could I join? My retro-looking website is and I do demoscene stuff and also post images of imaginary books

@SuricrasiaOnline Oh neat! is there a name you'd like to be listed under or would you rather it just be Suricrasia Online?

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