I'm a bit shy to post this one on twitter quite yet because it textually implies I like... have a body in a variety of ways BUT here's my review of the V&A videogames exhibition

and please let me know if this shit isnt working or not redirecting properly lol

@coleoptera this is really good and valuable to me (as someone who won't be able to visit the exhibition but who has heard a lot about it). thank you for sharing!

@coleoptera can you send me the html for this my browser refuses to load your neocities site :(

@candle uugh idk what's going on it works fine for me :(

@coleoptera i think there's something fucky with the domain mb just a delay updating it... like neocities redirects to emreed but emreed if i load it from scratch will load wordpress

@candle yeah, for some reason it didn't fully delete the forwarding function I had on there when I changed the DNS last night, even though I thought I deleted the wordpress stuff, does it work now?

@coleoptera even tho you already know, i can't leave this unanswered... yes!! in my experience dns stuff is always fucky... glad it was a simple fix phew

@shi3rfairuzi I've cleared the cache and tested it and also had someone else test it and it seems to work, does it give a specific error? you can also try finding it from the front page of

@blueberrysoft i honestly couldn't believe it when it happened and I promise this is a 100% true recollection I wrote down immediately afterwards

@coleoptera haha, I used to collect those pirate carts and famiclones, it's very credible!

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