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I posted this on my old .social account but I am still "relating strongly to brian wilson's powerful depressed thot/lifestyle gemini/milkshake goth looks"

Oh, and I'm off for a long weekend starting tomorrow, hanging out with some zonies irl for the first time in 2 years and seeing the literal moors of wuthering heights fame...

- Chris Kraus -- Where Art Belongs: A really interesting collection of criticism including one piece obviously written while she was at work on Summer of Hate, which was very cool. A lot of the work discussed is just the wrong generation of either historical or contemporary, so I either don't care much for it or haven't thought about it, but she pulls so many bits and pieces together about how the work is made and situated in broader contexts that I still found it very interesting.

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pollok country park diary 

Great day out today, so many robins perched close to paths in the woods and singing their guts out, plus got to eat a blackberry, see all the squash and pumpkin plants just about ready in the community garden, got really close to the highland cows, saw a huge number of dahlias with bees and butterflies all over them, AND spotted a toad in the leaves, which really pleased Stephen

overly pat and simple conclusions about "nature" "human nature" "the good" etc. this ofc is the bread and butter of post apoc stories and why so many people find them perversely comforting or even romantic, so it was kind of disappointing to see a part of a book escape that, but then kind of regress into it anyways?

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- Hildegard of Bingen and Huw Lemmey -- Unknown Language: I loved the thematic implications and imagery of the first half of this, of experiencing an administered apocalypse in a city center, the latter half of leaving the city I feel quite mixed on though. It has some good arcane visions and horny girl moments, which, why else do you read about nuns, but it also kind of dips into high fantasy twee, like, not necessarily cutesy or even nice but using a ye olde timey setting to make--

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that movie "yesterday" but you wake up and cars never existed

Riker's animal crossing island is called "Risa 2"
Beverley's animal crossing island is called "Brigadoon"
Picard's animal crossing island is named after an island from classical Greek literature (i'm not smart enough to come up with one)
Data's island is called "Spot's Island"

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Geordi's animal crossing island is called "La Isla Bonita"
DeAnna's animal crossing island is called "❤️ Sweetie Land ❤️"
Lwaxana's animal crossing is called "Hunk island" and all her villagers are cranky villagers

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Odo's animal crossing island is called "Deep Space Nine"
Worf's animal crossing island is called "WORF"

Did something weird to my back so dunno how much upright writing I will be able to get done this weekend uugh

i've said it once, i'll say it again: i love

it's accessibility is the main reason why i started learning html/css again

There's a line of argument that goes something like "of course mainstream critics should only consider already popular works backed by corporations with infinite money" and I think it's bullshit. Sure that's gonna be your focus, but you're doing your audience a disservice to never encourage them to branch out.

Even the people with the most stereotyped, vanilla tastes will find things that surprise them. Every huge formulaic success was once a bold departure from the existing mainstream.

I do not get the new emojis right away bc my phone's OS is the one still compatible with Flappy Bird

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