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I posted this on my old .social account but I am still "relating strongly to brian wilson's powerful depressed thot/lifestyle gemini/milkshake goth looks"

type of headache I get a lot, is this you? do you have tips? 

type of headache I get a lot, is this you? do you have tips? 

thought I just had that scans as a dril tweet 

food, ow 

Riker would LOVE Gex. Every time he did the Austin Powers voice Riker would think it was hilarious. An Intriguing Lizard



I hate that I am writing an academic paper about the episode of Star Trek where they all get hornily addicted to the VR game because, while I do think I have a good analysis of it, it is really unpleasant to actually watch again lol

rel, :( 

asd things 

Yeehaw! New post on The Obscuritory:

The interactive movie Mirage is an incoherently surreal Wild West nightmare. Turns out there might be a reason why it's so confusing...

If you were a time traveller with a taste for human neural energy... where would you get your supply?

I love the possibilities presented by this speculative art review that posits: what if the MoMA was good?

gender prison 

cinema (spoilers for film I enjoy) 

cinema (spoilers for film I enjoy) 


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