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I posted this on my old .social account but I am still "relating strongly to brian wilson's powerful depressed thot/lifestyle gemini/milkshake goth looks"

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you can really tell my prime weeb years were the 00s

insert the szs joke about getting into classical music because of anime

the classical music in evangelion is baby mode, the classical music in gankutsuou is the real good shit

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@coleoptera "At its height, Pomme de Terre had two stores, two blacksmith shops, a grist mill, elevator, hotel and saloon."

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upset that lb will stop existing when knzk goes down

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👨🏿‍🔧 Data, what are you doing jumping around all over the place collecting bananas?
👨🏻‍⚕️ Sorry to startle you, Geordi. I'm trying out a new "Donkey Kong 64" module.

My starter is a little bubbly and smells tangy which are both good signs, but it takes a long time for a loaf to get even a little rise from it rn :/// the bread is edible and has a bit of sourdough taste but is very dense, not the right bubbly/crispy texture... so I guess I will just try feeding it more until the bubbling gets more regular?

I mean I guess it's still possible but it'll just be a lot slower than usual because everywhere so far as I can tell is well below the 70-80 degree sweet spot most sites say is best

I think my house is too cold to do sourdough/kombucha efficiently :/

wearing HUGE expensive headphones and sitting in a GIANT armchair in absolute silence looking extremely deep in concentration like some hardcore music appreciator but on the headphones is just Bizarre Love Triangle

I haven't seen just like a bog standard painting show in forever, wanted to see the bridget riley one in Edinburgh but the tickets are... expensive!!

gonna be in london for a conference next week but have some free time wednesday evening and friday morning, anything good on or should I just prattle around my usual used bookstores....

going to add "really wanting to get a haircut" to my period tracking app bc I think it's cyclical...

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