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I posted this on my old .social account but I am still "relating strongly to brian wilson's powerful depressed thot/lifestyle gemini/milkshake goth looks"

glad I did not just try to post my new piece on twitter because everyone is just going to be talking about the shockingly bad weather factory post all evening

Wrote about romantic cop kissing in Chulip, because this game deserves better than just being called shitty or weird:

that video of the two BTS girls screaming is me listening to A Little Knowledge

Replaying Chulip, the gut feeling I had when I played it as a kid is confirmed. It's a beautiful game and anyone who can only play it making fun of how "weird" and "nonsensical" it is is just afraid to FEEL

genuinely emotional about Bell's storyline in chulip... she is so good

update I got too excited and forgot october exists, it's in november

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ooohhhh lightning bolt concert in glasgow next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brooooOOOOo!!!!!!!

Confabulations - John Berger -- Had to grab a book from the nearest bookstore while running to the train and luckily this was there, and cheap. It's a late collection of essays that are about kind of random topics, so I guess they swept together essays that didn't quite fit in all his other collections? (I get the feeling they weren't originally meant to appear all together bc there's a paragraph in each one about how we have to end capitalism, which is why I love him, also some beautiful drawings)

Hotel World - Ali Smith -- My second Ali Smith, and I REALLY loved this one so much I blazed through it one way on the train when I intended to read it over a round trip (back to that later). Again her use of detail is so vivid without just being paragraphs of self-indulgent description and I love how she handles usually schlocky and sentimental themes like death being a part of life and the interconnectedness of everything etc! also it was a very good hotel.

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not that I'm like pounding red alert I just think it's good to be aware of these possibilities and talk about them (as a lot of bitsy ppl have been doing) to avoid The Sins of the Past

I think the article itself is mostly fine! It avoids framing anyone as like, the Bitsy Success Story and talks about the variety of things involved in the community and interesting qualities of the engine (which are more important) however, it defaults to the way it annoys me to see people talk about twine to make the comparison to twine. Also wired is kind of a techbro adjacent pub and I think those sort of people could bring in some atrocious vibes as the youths say nowadays

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